Nov 01

So as mentioned, Im on the conservative treatment and am currently in the first week of the boot. The pain when going into the boot was quite heavy however, today is the fifth day in the boot and I managed to walk in the boot without the crutches. I first walked whilst holding onto a chair and found I could put my weight on it quite comfortably.

There are three wedges in and will have another removed in just over a week. Should I be walking so early in the boot or holding back a bit, Im not really sure…any similar experiences?

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  1. 1 Justpeachie
    7:33 pm - 11-1-2009

    Hello, I had the surgery in the US on Oct 15th, went into the boot two weeks later but not allowed to put any weight on it. I still have 4 wedges and it does hurt as I put it on slowly giving it a chance to stretch a little at a time. I am allowed to remove the boot to sleep & bath, actually I have nothing on my foot about 70% of the time ( not putting any weight on it though). I am suppose to removed the wedges over the next 4 weeks, so I guess a wedge a week. Doctor told me to put 25% of weight on foot in 2 weeks ( this would be 4 weeks after surgery, 50% in another week and by the time I return to him (6 weeks after surgery) I should be 90 degree and full weight on boot. He may be expecting more than I can give him, but I’m going to try. If you would have had surgery, I thing you could take the boot off once and a while to give your foot a break, but you may not be allowed to do that as nothing is holding your tendon back together except the boot and scar tissue. I though my Doctor was pushing a little fast, but sounds like your Doctor is even more aggressive. You were also put in a full leg cast with no chance of any movement though, I had a splint only that I was able to unwrap and wiggle my foot around a little for the first 2 weeks. Maybe your AT has already mended as well as if it were stitched back together. Good Luck regardless, hope you heal well. Justpeachie

  2. 2 chana7
    4:35 pm - 11-3-2009

    Thanks for that justpeachie (love that name!).

    Ive been in the aircast boot for a week now, its much better than the cast but still not thge most comfortable thing to sleep in! Im still unsure of how tight it should be and have adjusted it a few times.

    What is everyone elses experiences with the boot?

  3. 3 mari
    11:54 am - 11-4-2009

    Chana, I’m day 3 of the boot.
    My DR expects me to be fully walking in it by the end of 2 weeks. 6 weeks post-op.
    Right now I’m thinking he is nuts but who knows I might look back on all this on November 19th and agree.

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