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Oct 27

So today was the day of my consultation after being in the cast for 4 agonisingly slow weeks. Ive mostly been low for the period and have struggled to cope with the imobility. I could not wait to get out of the cast.

So que the waiting room at the hospital, nervous but glad to be getting rid of the cast. Out whips the saw and scissors (you know the ones….”they can only hurt me not you”) and off it pops. Something so simple that causes so much frustration.

So the first thing that registers about the boot is that I cant take it off. Anytime. Ever. I thought you could take it off but it looks like the feeling of warm water on my leg will have to wait! So I pleaded that I get my leg washed before it dissapears again, which they did. Upto this point I had not had much pain from the injury. When people asked “hows the leg?” I usually responded with “in a cast, not much to feel”. However, today was different. When I put my foot onto the third wedge of the boot the pain kicked in and I finally felt the extent of the injury.

The boot itself is bigger than I imagined and is a little heavy but can only help to rebuild some musle. You can sort of walk on it and by that I mean put your foot on the floor, crutches are still needed.

So, Im in the boot for 8 weeks with a wedge being removed at two week intervals.Only when I got home did I notice the difference in the two legs, just above the knee the thigh had lost a lot of muscle (I have been in a full leg cast). Being able to bend the knee feels great although still a little stiff. This really is a journey that Im biting away at daily. I want to be on my own two feet by Christmas. The light isnt there for me yet but I can feel myself getting further down that tunnel…

New countdown begins. 1 week 6 days and 20 hours until another wedge is out…

Oct 12

Hi there, Im two weeks into my rupture and as Ive been visiting this site reguarly so thought I would start sharing my own story. Also, as many of you know, the boredom has really started to set in so writing a blog may help to keep me sane…

Brief background, Im 24, from the UK and keep fairly fit, football once a week (five a side) and gym 3-4 times a week. So having this injury has really stripped me of the things I love to do.

It happened two weeks back, the evening of September 27th. I had played a game the day before on the 26th, gone out got drunk and danced the night away so I was playing a little hungover and probably shouldnt have played two days running (I doubt the added intoxication helped!). Anyway, the game was going great, was playing well and somehow had a whole heap of extra enegry! About half way through, keeper rolled the ball to me, and as I pushed off to dribble the ball….WACK. I turned around to see who had shot my heel! He got away fast, wait till I get my hands on him!

I wasnt waiting long in the hosptial (have a doctor cousin who helped speed things along!), when I was first told (and Im man enough to admit this, grrrrr!) I actually broke into tears! As previously mentioned, getting to the gym and playing football are my two main hobbies, so was absolutely crushed about the diagnosis. I was put in a half cast and sent on my way.

Couple of days later, I was seen by a consultant, by this time I had googled the hell out of the injury and was pretty sure I would be having the surgery. However, the consultant recommended conservative treatment mentioning that most of the stuff on the net is US based and they prefer the surgery over there! Apparently! Anyway, the course he recommened was 4 weeks in a full leg cast with toe pointed down, then 8 in a “Beckham Boot” (honestly, the guy could market anything) with intervals of varying angles. Having worked this out, it would take me to Christmas so have given myself the target to be on my own two feet by then. Good to have targets. Getting this cast off is the first one, on Oct 27th. Im counting the seconds. I feel like I cant do anything to help in a cast. So when Im in the boot I expect to be more in charge of excercising and will feel more control.

So here I am two weeks later, in a full leg cast, indulging in my new favourite hobby, sitting on my arse with my leg in the air (If there was an Olymics “Sitting on your arse with a leg in the air” team, Id be pushing for it…). I was signed off from work (Im an IT Consultant) for 4 weeks but will be aiming to work from home soon. Never did I think I would be craving work but after two weeks of not doing much, I feel like Im losing intelligence on a daily basis!

Things Ive decided:

- To be on my own two feet by crimbo

- Not to drink (or cut it down dramatically from the usual weekend bender) to not risk falling over drunk on crutches

- To eat healthier to compensate for the lack of my usual active nature. Currently subbing one meal a days for a plate of fruit

- To maintain a positive attitude.

Im reguarly still having the “why me?” moments but friends and family have been very supportive. For me it has been a life changing event, and hopefully will be the hardest thing I ever have to go through. Im only at the beginning but am looking at all those cliches to help me through.

You know the ones…’What doesn’t kill ya…”

Roll on Oct 27th, cast removal day…

ATR - To keep me sane…