About- What happened, etc.

Well I have my theory of how I performed my ATR. I was in ATL for a couple weeks. I had previously been running in a relatively flat area, usually about 6 miles/week on very flat road surfaces. Coming to ATL, I decided it was time to up the training level and take on some of the wonderful hills of ATL. I went head first for a week; I ran about 7 miles that week with various 20-30% incline sections on the path. I also included some light sprints on the inclines. Mind you, I had not done either of these (hills and/or sprints) in months.

Then, that Friday of the same week I did about 20 min. of jump cardio training without shoes on a wood floor. That night, I went dancing for about 2 hours.  Finally Saturday monrning, I went to play soccer. Since I was running late, I did not bother to warm up or stretch. I was fine for the first hour. I took a break for 15 minutes and cooled down. I went back for a final run and within 10-15 min. of playing…..I was moving backwards I think..and POP! I swore someone hit me from behind…but alas…you know the story :-(.

Now…looking back..how dumb was I to do all that stuff in one week. But hey, I am 35 and in decent shape…so I should be able to do what I did when I was 25 (wow…that was ten years ago…I am old :-0).  Anyway, the body does not work that way. Now I know that I must gradually build up my workout intensity. I might add though that the field we played ball on was not the best and so I could have very well stepped in a hole too.  Who knows? But I will always stretch and warm up before exercise from now on.