I went for my ortho checkup last week (17SEPT08). The doc was a bit disappointed with my lack of ROM. I was told to keep stretching out the AT. I was having a bit of heel pain when stretching, but they said that as long as the pain does not linger for more than a few minutes after stretching then it was okay. They did take out one of my wedges and told me to ditch the crutches as soon as I reached FWB on the leg.

Although I reached FWB the next day, I continued using 1.5 crutches for the next few days. I also experienced a bit of pain in the heel when walking later that night. I decided to put the wedge back in until the next afternoon. When I took it out later, the heel did not hurt as much. I was down to using a single crutch this past Monday, but only b/c it was faster for me to move around with it.

I went for my PT this past Wed (24SEPT08). He told me to stop using the crutch. He was also happy to see that my ROM was improving. I am at about -10 degrees planar flexion (I think that corresponds to lifting your foot of the floor while still keeping your heel on the floor). The key reason for the improvement I think was constant stretching 4-8 times a day. They gave me a blue band to do extensions with and told me to continue stretching.

I go back to the ortho surg. next week Wed. I am hoping they will let me maybe skip a wedge this time.

That is all.

Hey Gang,

It has been 1.5 weeks with PWB in the boot.  So far so good.  :-)

A possible setback?

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Hi, I went without my compression stocking this past Saturday. I also worked out my upper body, some stationary cycling, and then did a bit of walking in the mall on the same day. My foot swelled pretty badly as a result of my genius workout efforts. I also started getting some slight pain right at my heel (where tendon meets heel I guess) when doing my PT stretches later that day. I started freaking out b/c  I read about folks re-rupturing the tendon in other areas during recovery.

Anyway, I started icing and elevation Sat night and most of Sunday. I will try to go back to my PT regimen of stretches on the AT today. Fortunately, I also see the PT + Ortho on Wed.  I am supposed to get a wedge out on Wed. I am up to about 80 lb weight bearing on the leg now. It is pretty tricky to increase the weight by 10 lb / day once you get above 50 lb or so. Hopefully I am not overdoing it.