Non-op week 8-9 update

Recap: Injured AT end of March playing squash, didn’t see a doc until end of April, diagnosed ATR. Put in a walking boot. Around May 23 “weaned” off boot and into 2 shoes. Can walk almost normally without pain. Dorsiflexion is very improved but calf is still very weak cannot even start to do a heel lift on injured foot. PT has consisted of rubber band exercises pushing foot forward, backward and side to side with band around ball of ¬†foot. Light stretching, standing on one foot and stationary bike.

My case is a little different from most due to my ignorance mostly, in that I was walking around on a complete ATR for over a month before I got any treatment. At that point surgery was not an option. Had I known right away that I had an ATR I may have had the surgery. But it may have been for the best that I didn’t because according to the Doc I am recovering quite well as is and many new studies show similar outcomes between op and non op. The only suggestion from my own experience I can make which may even contradict Doctor’s orders is to start to exercise the lower leg as soon as possible within pain tolerance limits. ¬†Muscles atrophy very quickly when not used and it seems to me that half the recovery of an ATR beyond the repair is simply regaining muscle strength and RoM . So the less the muscle atrophies to begin with the less work you have to do to recover.

Best of luck to you all.

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  1. This is a very interesting story and I look forward to following your progress. The fact that you walked on that foot for a month with no cast is amazing and that you weaned off the boot at 8 weeks is a testament to the body’s ability to heal on its own with minimal intervention. The literature suggests the end result will be the same, the only issue I’ve found is your higher chance of re-rupture. Stay safe and keep healing!

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