8 weeks postop

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so wanted to give an update, especially for those who are earlier on than myself in the recovery. I have seen substantial improvement since my last post at week 5. At week 6, I was instructed to go FWB in the boot which I was placed in at 90 degrees at week 5 after they removed the cast. It was tough for me to get all the way to 90 initially but it got easier after a few days. The first time I put full weight on my booted foot there was a lot of pain - not in the achilles but really the whole ankle, especially the outside of my foot. My first few steps were more of a shuffle and it stayed that way for a few days. I went to the pool a few days after that and did the same shuffle in the 5′ section of the pool and I had no confidence in my foot. However, I really feel like I have seen steady improvement each day since then and am now able to walk with the boot with pretty much no limp. I have been going to the pool a lot and I can now walk normally in 4′ of water (pool doesn’t go any shallower). Without the boot I am able to shuffle around ok, but the ankle feels weak still. I do calf raises in the pool and when sitting down as much as I can, and I think that is a big help to get some strength back. I am now sitting in the doctors office for my 8 week appointment and was just thinking how much things have changed since I was last here 3 weeks ago. As many here have said, it’s a long road to recovery, but hopefully my experience over the last few weeks can be a source of encouragement for those earlier on in the rehab.

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  1. Cgroer, nice update.

    I agree, 5 weeks to 8 is like night and day - FWB and all.

    I am at about the same point and am working on taking the 2 shoe step. However, my next appt. is at 10 weeks. I hope to walk in with shoes on. LOL.

    Good luck,

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