5 weeks postop - cast off, in a boot

Hi everyone. I went from a splint for 10 days to a cast for 3 weeks. They cut it off yesterday and I am now PWB in a boot, FWB starting next week. The atrophy of my calf is pretty severe, but honestly not quite as bad as I was expecting. The incision actually looked a little worse to me than when I saw it last time when they took the splint off to remove the staples. No pain on the incision and it felt great to rub all of the dead skin off last night! I have reasonable ROM with it now and can set and do simple exercises while at my desk.

One thing that surprised me a little bit is that they want me at 90 degrees in the boot. I can’t quite get there yet and I am both very stiff and also very afraid of pushing too hard to move my foot into that position. From my readings from this site I was expecting to start with a more obtuse angle in the boot - maybe 100 or 110 degrees. Interested to hear anyone’s thoughts on that based on their experience.

It is definitely liberating to get the cast off and to start moving my foot around - it was extremely satisfying for me to lift my toes off the ground. Something I tried to do in vain right after I ruptured playing tennis. So definitely some progress - now looking forward to moving from PWB to FWB next week. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I don’t know about going straight to neutral. I was non-op so my tendon was still curing at five weeks. I went into a boot with 3 wedges and I’m pretty certain I couldn’t get my foot to neutral at that point. Perhaps since your tendon is surgically repaired it is already strong enough to be set at neutral. Just thinking out loud here. Hope you can talk to your dr about your concerns.

  2. Hi… You and I had surgery within days of each other. I just got my cast off today and went into the boot, FWB. Actually, i’m full weight bearing as tolerated, but I can’t tolerate not being FWB.

    Because I’m a re-rupture, I have to stay in my boot for 5 weeks. 2 weeks ago I was told 3 weeks in the boot, so not sure what changed. I’m at 20 degrees PF (toes pointed down) and next week go down to 10. I should be at neutral in 2 weeks.

    I walked to the potty barefoot and it felt okay, but my foot points outward when I walk. Not sure why that is. I don’t walk in the boot that way.

    I think your scar looks great. I think it’s going to take me several tries to get all the yucky dead skin from that foot.

    I start PT next week. Good luck. Congrats on your progress.

  3. Hello,
    I had an OP on the 4th of July and like you got a fright at the look of the scar when the cast came off, It looked similar to your photo. I did not capture an image of my leg. I am pleased to say a further 5 weeks down the line it looks a lot better and the dots from the staples are fading well.
    With regards to the neutral position… I had my leg in a equinus cast (NWB) for almost 6 weeks before moving to a boot with my foot in a similar position. I have had the boot on for 3 weeks and 3 out of the 6 wedges have been removed so another 3 weeks before my foot will be neutral or at 90 degrees. Each time a wedge is removed the achilles and the skin on the back of my leg feels tight for a day or so, like you I don’t think I could get my foot to neutral now, never mind 3 weeks ago. I have read a lot on the subject and there are benefits to getting more mobile earlier. I guess it is a case of getting the Dr to explain his approach and rationale for that and making sure you are happy with it.?
    Happy Healing, I’ll look forward to reading how you got on…

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. After a few days the scar looks substantially better- weird (and kind of gross!) how the skin just sort of peels off in big chunks! It’s now pink/purple everywhere and fully sealed up everywhere so I’m pleased with that. I have tried to put more and more weight on it the past few days with the boot on. My achilles feels stiff but I can get to 90 degrees pretty easily and it doesn’t feel too bad when I go PWB with the boot and the crutches. When I try to put more and more weight on it I start to feel more and more pain in my ankle - really on the outside of the foot/ankle and not the achilles. I might have overdone things a little bit yesterday as my ankle and foot were really swollen last night. I slept with it elevated and the swelling went down to almost nothing by this morning. Today I went to the neighborhood pool with the kids and walked around (carefully!) in the 5 foot section (I’m 6′1). It felt odd but satisfying to finally put my “full” weight on my right side. Once I went into the 4 foot section though I lost some confidence and my ankle started to hurt a bit more again. Overall, I’m pleased though.

    To combat the swelling, I bought some compression socks today and will try to be more vigilant about elevating my leg - I have gotten a bit lax with that the past week or so. I don’t remember reading too much on this site about swelling 5-6 weeks post-op. Would be interested to hear what others have experienced at this stage. I’m going to try to make a regular habit of walking (carefully!) in the pool. Thanks for reading.

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  5. Good stuff! How exactly do you do PWB? I will hopefully be in your position starting tomorrow, curious to how it works.

  6. Mostly been doing the PWB with the crutches and boot - trying to get the heel toe motion down. Also did some using the kitchen counters to help me. So far it’s hard to get the confidence to put more and more weight on the boot. Not because my achilles hurts, but more due to the pain in the ankle. I’m thinking it might just be the swelling - fluid being compressed and forcing pressure into different places in my ankle, etc.

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