First post-op visit

20 staples removed
The good news is that my wound is healing very well (I’ve had it elevated 90% of the time) and that as everyone here had assured me, my re-rupture fright was unfounded. The bad news is that it was the worst rupture my surgeon had ever seen in more than 25 years!  (I guess in terms of how both ends were complete “mopheads?”) However, he doesn’t think this should affect my long term prognosis. I talked with him about the more aggressive PWB rehab protocols that I’ve read about on this site and elsewhere but he was pretty adamant about putting me in a cast for the next two weeks with no weight bearing. We went back and forth a little bit on this, but he seems confident in that approach for me. So I’ll go with it for now. The atrophy in my calf wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, but I’m sure that will only get worse in the coming days. I snapped a pic of the area after they took out the staples - all 20 of them!

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  1. Omigosh. That’s quite the Frankenstein scar! It will fade quickly, don’t worry, and you’ll have a conversation piece for life.

  2. Good to hear your still intact. Your doctor stitched you up nicely. It looks like he did a great job. My tendon ends would not meet so they did an vy lengthening procedure and my scar goes way up my leg. I posted a pic on my blog. Mine kind of reminds me of a fresh Kobe scar.

    Being in a cast for 2 weeks is still aggressive. I will be in a cast for 4 weeks, but it will be changed after 2. I don’t think I will be into a boot until week 6. I’m told I am supposed to be NWB, but that is near impossible for me.

    Keep us posted on your progress. Sounds like your healing nicely. Congrat!

  3. Do you get any pain (blood rush) to your achilles when you get up an move around?

  4. Hi rev246 - I don’t have much pain at all. When I get up and move around there is maybe a slight amount of discomfort and I notice some swelling after I don’t have my foot elevated but it is really not that bad. I will say that I have been absolutely religious about keeping my foot elevated and my surgeon thought that had a lot to do with how well my incision had healed after 10 days. I am still sleeping in the recliner and I have my foot up as much as possible at work. I’ll check out your blog to see if I have anything else to add.

  5. Ok thank you! I am just asking because I have had 2 reconstruction surgeries for my rupture ( long story!). The first one, I had no pain after a few days post surgery, but with this recent one, I am in a lot of pain! Keep us updated with your progress. Best of luck.

  6. Hey there, just wanted to stop by and say this post gave me some hope for my post op on Wednesday.

    After 8 days of religiously keeping my foot up and not moving, this Saturday I tripped down the last step of my stairs. I was foolishly trying to hop down it to get my crutches myself without waiting for someone to help me. Ended up going face first into the floor and hitting my cast / toes off the ground. I didn’t feel a pop or anything like that, but felt pretty horrible pain and tingling for about an hour after it happened.

    Since then, I have had no pain in my foot… only swelling - which really worries me. I texted my doc and he said there is nothing I can do but wait until Wednesday when they take the first cast off.

    After hearing your story of the re-rupture scare and this follow up, I feel slightly better, though I’m still convincing I re-ruptured it (until the doc tells me otherwise).

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. wiseyoda-
    I definitely appreciate the fear you have right now. What I felt was more of like a tingling/shocking sensation than anything. Then some pain afterwards but not much.

    I will say that I have since had the same sensation two times (both were > 4 weeks postop), and I am pretty sure that both times my foot did NOT even touch the ground. In both cases, my crutch slipped on the edge of a sidewalk, and my guess is that I involuntarily flexed muscles in my calf preparing for the impact. My layman’s hypothesis is that the “electrical” sensation was due to nerves becoming “reactivated” near the achilles or something like that.

    In any event, I know how nervous you are about your incident and possible re-rupture, but it seems like many people have these kinds of incidents and survive without a re-rupture. Hopefully you will do the same!

  8. Thanks for reply! I had my post op on the 11th and kept meaning to come back here and let you know that everything was fine. Moved from a cast to boot and the doctor said I’m healing perfectly.

    I’m guessing it was just a flexing to prepare for impact like you said. It’s happened since one time as well, but the pain didn’t last as long.

    Thanks again for the support, really helps having a community like this and knowing that others have gone through the same exact thing.

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