10 days after surgery - re-rupture scare!

Hi everyone. Finishing up the week at the beach here. No real issues during the week - just a lot of scooting around on the knee scooter with the kids. Tonight is our last night here and we took kids for ice cream. When we finished, I stupidly tried to hop over to the knee scooter instead of using my crutches, and my flip flop caught on something and I put some weight on my ATR leg. First some advice - don’t wear flip flops on your good leg and don’t ever attempt to move without a crutch or scooter. It will save you a few seconds at most and is a foolish risk to take.  I am still in a splint (haven’t even seen the wound yet), and it all happened so fast I don’t know exactly how much weight I put on it. I immediately felt something - i wouldn’t describe it as pain, just a sharp tingling/pulling sensation. I was very upset about this but after calming down I don’t think I have any more pain than I did before (essentially none). I texted my doctor and he asked me if I had any pain - when I told him no, he says he thinks it’s probably ok. I see him on Tuesday afternoon for my first post-op appointment and he’ll check me out then but I am wondering if anyone else had any experiences like this so soon after surgery. I had been extremely careful all week and slowly started doing more and more today and hopping without my crutches was simply idiotic. I can still flex my calf and move my toes like I was before this incident and I don’t notice much difference, but I’m just looking to see if anyone else might know how much pain I would expect to feel if I had in fact reruptured by ripping the interior sutures apart, etc. Thanks


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  1. No worries - probably. I did exactly the same thing in slightly different circumstances and ended up doing a face plant on the floor. I did have quite a bit of pain and was worried sick about having re-ruptured/damaged but it was fine . So, try not to worry - hard I know- but it’s probably just fine! And, from experience, I know that from now on you’re going to be almost obsessively careful. Let us know how the appointment on Tuesday goes.

  2. Hiya…..

    Hopefully I can help ease your mind.

    I re-ruptured but I was non-op the first go round. I had 200% more pain then the first time. The tight pulling sensation I had in the boot, was gone once I reruptured. I also could not flex my calf.

    9 days after my surgery but still in a splint, I took ambien to sleep. In my sleep I ripped off my splint. I have no recollection of what happened but I woke up sitting up with my bare foot in front of me. There were times I walked on my splint. After I saw the doctor he said I was fine. (I’m convinced I wasn’t meant for captivity)

    I think you are probably good. I have no medical training whatsoever, but I would think if you ripped something, especially sutures, you would be in pain.

    Good Luck! Keep us posted! Enjoy the rest of your beach vacation.

    P.S. I’m impressed you text your doctor.

  3. Hi GG. Sounds like you’re OK - an event like that will scare the crap outta you. I made a similar move about 12 days after my 1st surgery - the splint came off a week after and Dr said to keep the boot on. I decided that I could sleep without it, and when getting up in the middle of the night also decided that I could crutch over to the bathroom without putting it on. Lost my balance, stepped SQUARE BACK ON THE BAD FOOT and immediately felt the POP and PAIN! ENded up with another MRI a week later (by then the swelling and pain were gone) but the MRI showed I’d retorn it about 70%. Was back in surgery exactly 3 weeks after the 1st procedure. After THAT splint came off, I decided to go with a cast for 4 weeks instead of the boot.
    That was back in March, and I’m well on the way today. Almost walking without a limp, and slowly gaining strength in the calf muscles.
    Lesson I learned - KEEP THE BOOT ON!!!!!
    Good Luck to you.

  4. I did the exact same thing trying to balance on the scooter and make my daughters bed. When I fell over I put some weight on my ATR leg and got the exact same sensation. (You’ll also get that same sensation when you first begin weight bearing). So it definitely sounds like your ok. Just be careful :)

  5. Thanks for conveying your reassuring experiences but I’m still a bit anxious. It feels about the same today but had a little pain last night that woke me up. Seems like a lot of people have had scary incidents like mine and come out okay. Fingers crossed until Tuesday…

  6. Yeah, I wouldn’t worry. I stumbled going down the stairs and got caught on a rug another time. Both times putting weight on my cast. Weird sensation each time but no damage. Good luck.

  7. Hey beach goer… how was your doctor visit?

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