6 days after surgery - At the Beach!

I followed everyone’s advice and decided to take our planned trip to the beach with our 3 year old boy and 5 year old girl. We’ve been here 3 days now and it has gone pretty well all things considered. I have a knee scooter which is essential, and my wife has been like a loyal Sherpa carrying everything to the beach. Crutches on the beach are manageable and we pretty much just set up a chair and I sit there with my leg up for a few hours. Worst thing is I can’t cool off by taking a quick dip! I’ve been off the pain meds completely since day 3 and don’t really have any pain right now. I’m still on antibiotics to prevent a post-op infection and I have a question about that. My doctor prescribed Cipro for this - from this forum I have learned that there is a suspected link between Cipro and ATR, so it seems very odd that he would prescribe this for me. Is this a normal thing? I’ve been taking it for 6 days and have only one dose left, so no point worrying about it now I guess, but just thought it was odd. Thanks for everyone’s input!

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  1. Seems odd to me. My Docs were suggesting Cipro for me for an unrelated infection and I said a nice gentle version of “over my dead body”. It turns out there were several alternative antibiotics that had also done well on my cultured bugs, and the infection cleared up without making me nervous about my ATs and all my other tendons. (I’ve torn both ATs AND a finger tendon — all without Cipro, AFAIK!)

  2. I was prescribed Keflex for 3 days. I actually love Cipro and asked for it and they said no. I also heard the suspected link to ATRs.

    Glad to hear your doing well at the beach! I hope you continue doing well. Take care. xx

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