48 hours after surgery

The pain was brutal last night but it’s now been almost 8 hours since my last percocet and it’s manageable right now…I think. My family and I are scheduled to go for a week at the beach starting tomorrow (this was decided before the injury) and the doctor was okay with the idea. We have two very young kids (3 and 5) and I want them to enjoy it - I’ll be pretty much on the sidelines whether we stay here or go to the beach. Anyone try something like this? Am I crazy to consider this? Obviously I am not getting wet or sandy-just want the kids to enjoy it. Thanks for your feedback

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  1. I didn’t have to take pain meds after 48 hours other than just regular tylenol; however, that likely would have changed if I was in a car with my foot down.

    Keeping my foot propped up was very important in keeping my pain level down. My experience may not be like yours though.

    Good luck if you go for it, let us know how it goes.

  2. One week after we went to back to back theme parks over two separate days. I crutches my way around for two days. It was taxiing. Leg swelled. But went back to hotel and relaxed. All was well after that. Like u this vacation was already planned. So it didn’t stop me.

  3. I hope that you can plant your self in the beach house and not have to mess with crutching through the sand. If you do, raise the crutches up a couple notches to allow for sinking or invest in those sand pads for the bottom of them. Good luck and have fun! (I did the beach in a boot but never in crutches.)

  4. I had surgery a week ago and I think your crazy. I’m crazy, so I’m saying I’m saying this with affection. I had surgery on Thursday, by Monday I took only aspirin, but Thursday I started my pain meds again.

    That being said, I admire your decision. If I had the opportunity to go to the beach, I probably would. Mind you, I haven’t let my house since the surgery and the riskiest thing I’ve done all week is take a shower.

    Have a great time. Good luck. Keep us posted.

  5. After my surgery for my ATR #1, I spend almost a week mostly in bed, moaning and groaning a lot. I’m glad nobody took me to a beach then. (After ATR #2, 8 years later and without surgery, I would have enjoyed being at a beach — except that it was December in Canada!)

    I think how you GET to the beach is probably more important than being there, because you can always stay in bed or on a couch or on a beach chair with your leg elevated. But long car rides — and for sure airplanes or buses or trains — can be murder soon after ATR surgery.

  6. I second lengthening the crutches, just about 2 inches worked for me. It’s not easy but just go slow. I did it in a boot and I was about 7 weeks post ATR.

    My biggest problem at your point was swelling, if you can keep that foot up in the car, do it. If you’re in a cast and have problem with swelling, ice it. My doctor and nurse said it wouldn’t go through the cast, but i tried it and it was the only way I could get some relief some days.

    Have fun!

  7. Thanks for the ideas. I’m 72 hours post op now and haven’t had any painkillers since yesterday morning. Took first shower this morning. I’ve got my foot propped up and we are driving to the beach. Taking our time but hope to get there this evening.

  8. You’re not crazy. You’re a caring family person. Your kids are lucky.

    Just make sure you have your meds if needed and do whatever you can with setup to have leg raised as much as possible. You may wish to consider renting a wheelchair with a leg raise, if there is some rolling around away from the sand that you might need to do. Leg up, leg up, leg up. remember as much as possible 6 inches higher than the heart.

    Lying in bed in pain to do paperwork or read and eat and go to the washroom might be a bit more therapeutic with that bed being the beach. Three and five year old will be tough, but if you have a supportive spouse you might have opportunities to have them learn and grow.

    Kids that age are great and love to learn and take responsibility. Draw a line in the sand around your boot which the kids can’t cross. They could be told ahead of the trip that they are going to the beach to have fun and to help you heal and they will have some responsibilities as little doctors (rules and responsibilities). Every day they can first help make you a little sunken couch in the sand with a leg raise. Make it a controlled environment. Probably tough at home with 3 and 5 year olds as well. At least with a beach they will be busy.

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