24 hours after surgery

Hi everyone - continue to learn an enormous amount from the site. I’m feeling pretty good for the most part. Had a slight headache last night due to anesthesia, I think, but pain was manageable. Felt great this morning though. However, in the last few hours the pain around the incision has gotten dramatically worse. I don’t know any details about the anesthesia they gave me but I’m guessing that maybe a nerve block or something wore off? Anyone else have a sharp increase in pain like this? I’ve just been sitting on the couch with it elevated, getting up from time to time and moving around in a knee walker (a great gadget by the way). Haven’t done anything to aggravate it so I’m hoping this is normal. Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. Pain from surgery kicked in for me about 12 hours post surgery due to the nerve block running out.

    It wasn’t sharp pain though, it was more throbbing pain and was quite extreme. The pain meds did nothing to relieve it. Tylenol did the trick for me rather than the more extreme pain meds. Tylenol helped with the swelling I guess and helped relieve my pain immensely. After 48 hours, I only took Tylenol.

    That was my experience anyways. It’s difficult for them to know how tight to wrap your leg. Everyone swells at a different rate. Swelling I believe was the main culprit for my pain and thus Tylenol did the trick for me.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks hattrick30. I just read your blog on this topic as well. Looks like the next few days are going to be no fun….

  3. I think most post-op patients find the pain increases a day or two post-op, probably mostly because a nerve block or some other heavy-duty painkiller wears off. I think there’s a “mental game” aspect, too — you know you’re healing and moving toward pain-free normal, so even if the pain 2 days post-op is identical to the day before, it seems worse.
    Hang in!

  4. I thought of myself as very tolerant to pain. However, I had to do mental exercises to get through the pain 12 hours post surgery without passing out. I was in hospital and I don’t think I got enough meds quick enough. Nerve block wore off and then they refused to give me meds prn, as the doc wrote two tylenol every 4 hours. I was up all night watching the clock for my next tylenol time. Day 2 was better.

    After that, it took a few days for me to have my leg vertical for more than a minute.

    There was another massive improvement a full 15 days later in an instant when I went from aircast to vacocast. The former was a very poor fit for me and was impinging on my achilles in all the wrong ways.

  5. As I think I’ve written elsewhere (here somewhere), I’ve had two inguinal hernia surgeries, open heart surgery, and one ATR repair — my first ATR of two. I’m pretty sure I moaned and groaned longer and louder with the ATR repair than with any of the others. The good news was that it helped me appreciate my second ATR rehab, non-op! ;-)

  6. Thanks again for the encouragement and for sharing your experiences everyone. Even after 2 percocets a couple of hours ago, keeping my leg vertical to go brush my teeth a few minutes ago was absolutely excruciating. Glad to be back on the couch now with 5 pillows to prop this leg up on. Hoping to get a few hours of sleep if I can!

  7. I like you had my nerve block wear off about 12 hours post op. Up until that time I remarked “surgery went well” or “piece of cake” to crying and wishing I’d never had surgery. I feel like at times my foot is being nibbled on by baby piranhas.

    I dropped the pain meds after 4 days and moved to aspirin but recently went back to finish them. I am 8 days post op. I used to think I enjoyed pain and shunned discomfort. It turns out I really don’t like either actually.

    I found ur post quite comforting. Good luck! Happy Healing!

  8. Its completely normal to have intense pain once the nerve block wears off. I was in tears! Each day got better and better. I am now 6 wks post op and able to walk in my boot without crutches. I couldn’t even do this just two days ago! Its amazing how the body can adapt.

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