40 week, post-op update

i’ve started running some sprints after a short 2 mile jog. i’ve also started to do some plymetrics like shuffling laterally in both directions. the plymetrics are a bit more difficult as calf strength is still not the same-i just can’t float on my toes on my bad leg. until i get my calf strength back, cutting won’t be a possibility. i’ve noticed that doing heel raises allow my calf to get off the ground, but to really start getting on my tip toes, the sprints have helped. not sure why this is, but i think i’m firing the calf muscle fully when i sprint (80-90% intensity) as opposed to a less intensive heel raise or a jog. another exercise i’ve tried is grabbing a railing or support (facing it) with both hands and jump (as if i’m skipping rope) and slowly start to put more weight towards my bad leg. my AT was a bit sore after this, but my calf was also very sore which i’m hoping means it continues to strengthen.

i can probably only do 1-2 full heel raises (one legged) and although i do see progress, it’s at a snail’s pace. frustrating, but given where i was just a few months ago, i’ll try to remain humble.

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