40 week, post-op update

i’ve started running some sprints after a short 2 mile jog. i’ve also started to do some plymetrics like shuffling laterally in both directions. the plymetrics are a bit more difficult as calf strength is still not the same-i just can’t float on my toes on my bad leg. until i get my calf strength [...]

For those football players out there, here are some stats post ATR:


Achilles Tears Plague the NFL - NY Times Article

I thought this was interesting. No offseason workout and there have already been the equivalent Achilles tears in preseason that take place during the regular season.
An Early Surge in an Injury the N.F.L. Wasn’t Expecting


When the N.F.L. lockout ended last month and players streamed into training camps on short notice after no supervised off-season workouts, many [...]

9 month post ATR surgery/embolism update

I haven’t posted here much, but have gotten so much helpful information (especially norm) and support from everyone, I thought it was about time I posted my full experience here and where I am in my recovery 9 months later. For those that are in the early recovery stages, I hope this helps in terms [...]