24 weeks post-op, should i jog?

I have a follow up with my surgeon tomorrow and obviously will ask him if it’s ok for me to start jogging, but wanted to hear others experiences? I can barely do a one legged heel raise, meaning that my calf has a long way to go, but as far as walking long distances and even scurrying across the street to avoid traffic seems fine. Just wondering if I’m at more risk of hurting my AT since my calf isn’t full strength if i try a light jog?

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  1. I say go for it, start at a light pace on level ground and see how it feels.

  2. I think I’m with LSJ on this. My first (”ultra-conservative”) surgeon told me to lay off the explosive high-risk sports until I could do a bunch of 1-leg heel raises without grunting or grimacing — but this time that’s elusive, so I plan to ease into gentle running, as soon as my Cardio experts give me the all-clear.

  3. cool. thanks gents. i’m going to see what the doc says this morning and will post tomorrow if i indeed do try a slow and lightjog.

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  4. went and saw the surgeon yesterday and he said all was heeling well and told me take out my 1/4 inch heel lift. i still cannot do a one legged heel raise so he said you can jog on it, but it won’t do you any good because you won’t have any propulsion off your bad foot. regardless, i went for a short jog (closer to a shuffle) for about 2 miles yesterday. he was right, it felt very awkward because i couldn’t push off my bad foot, but no pain or swelling at all from the “run.” i’m just going to have to do heel raises like crazy to get back to normal. unlike Lsjoberg, my calf does not hurt at all. That might be because there was no pushing off my toes. I probably will “jog” once a week and see how I progress. I promised myself I would jog on my 6 month mark, and have to say I’m pretty close to my goal. Just have to proceed with caution and of course PATIENCE. Thanks for the input LSJ and Norm. btw, Norm good luck with clearance for cardio.

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  5. i take it back. my calf is getting pretty sore now.

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  6. Great job on being able to jog 2 miles! I am at 24 weeks as well and have been running pretty regularly but still can’t do 1 mile. I’ve been doing lots of 100/200/400 repeats with lots of recovery. My best times have been :37 sec for 200 and 1:30 for the 400. I’ve mastered going downstairs which was really hard to do and can almost do a calf raise. I found it’s easier to run than to walk, though. I cramp easier when just shopping at the mall vs. doing my track repeats. Maybe because the foot is on the ground longer?

    Hope my experience helps and sounds like you’re on track!

  7. When I was in the pool the surgeon (Who happened to be their swimming laps) told me to run when I felt comfortable to do so. He did recommend a flat foot strike. So far I am not running and resiting the temptation to do so. It is far to awkward as I don’t have the elasticity nor the muscle length in my cast to allow a comfortable stride.

    This may change in the next couple of weeks as my formal physio starts today, it helps to have your physio as a friend who has given me exercises since the cast came off. Including deep water jogging, some cycling no stretching, but some balancing on my bad leg.

    I have tried some lifts ups, I can do the two footed and on my good leg. Not even close on my bad leg. Through I am trying to remember if I have ever been able to do them with my left leg due to past injuries.


  8. i went for a 2nd run (about 2 miles) and my calf is really sore again. so i’m definitely working the calf muscle and hopefully that means it will strengthen faster so i can return to normal activities. it’s good to hear that others are starting to run themselves around the same time frame. for those that are in the early stages, it gets easier.

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  9. I did an 800 and 5×200’s yesterday and my calf is sore today. But, I’m happy I can run :35 seconds! I wish I could run 2 miles like you but I’m too out of shape. I need to lose some weight which should help.

  10. I ran 1.5 miles on Saturday & 5×400’s today. Splits were between 81-96seconds. Recovery was in the 5min range. Tendon still attached…:)

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