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Week 2 | Out of the Cast!

December 8th, 2020 · No Comments

Yesterday, exactly two weeks post-op, I went to the hospital. They removed the cast and stitches and one of the doctors checked it. She said it seemed to be healing nicely, no signs of infection of anything concerning. There is still quite a bit of bruising and swelling, which will just take some time. I am so happy to be out of the cast!


After removing the stitches, they fitted me to an AirCast boot with a couple of heel raisers. The doctor said I could weight bear as tolerated, but that she expected it would take about three weeks for me to be able to do so without crutches. I took a few steps with crutches and could see how she was right. The AirCast boot allows my Achilles to stretch much more than I would have expected, even with the heel raisers, which makes it quite painful to put weight on it. After three weeks I am also supposed to remove one of the heel raisers.

When I got home, I immediately switched the boot to the VACOped I had from last time, and fixed the angle to 30ยบ. It is way more comfortable than the AirCast and feels much safer. With the AirCast I feel that if I stumble or put too much weight on it, it will really hurt. Not the case with the VACOped. In addition, with the VACOped I am almost FWB already. There is some pain that prevents a smooth gait, but it’s much better than with the AirCast.

Overall, I don’t have a clear answer on a protocol yet. In three weeks I am supposed to remove one heel raiser, be FWB in the boot, and potentially start physical therapy then. It’s not as aggressive as other protocols I’ve seen on this site, and I would prefer to use the VACOped, so I am going to do some reading and explore other options. I would love to recover more quickly. Suggestions welcome!

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