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Signing off

August 25, 2015 · 1 Comment

Hey folks,

Long time since I have posted, and you know that must mean good news.  I am now almost 9 months post-injury and honestly, it’s a distant memory.  I have gotten back to mountain biking, hiking and hockey with no trouble from my healed tendon.  (Far more focused on the other knee, which needs arthroscopic surgery.  And my arthritic big toe.  And my sore back.  I know, cry me a river.)  My injured leg is still not back to full strength, but it works well enough that I forget my physio - therapist would not be impressed, and I must get back at it.

Anyway, take heart, especially those of you with new injuries.  ATR sucks, but it won’t define your life for long.  Just take care of it properly and try to stay positive.

Unlikely to be posting here again unless I have another Achilles rupture - God forbid - so it’s ta ta for now.


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