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January 14, 2015 · 2 Comments

Last weekend I started removing heel wedges and transitioning to FWB.  I removed 2 wedges and added a Superfeet insole to support my foot more evenly, so that’s probably like removing 1.5 wedges net.  Maybe 1.7.  Also bought an Even-up for my right foot, and now I find I can limp around semi-normally.  Have already experienced the “Norm breakthrough” of forgetting where my crutches are - often in separate rooms.  I am surprised how easily I got used to the more neutral foot position - no strain or pain at the injury site at all, and the walking seems to be giving me better ROM when I have the boot off.  I find it easier to imagine transitioning to 2 shoes soon, although I now fully appreciate how scary that moment will be.  Calf will be thinner than my arm by then, which is saying something.

Progress, yes?

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