Good, bad, and ugly

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my progress — the good, bad, and ugly. 

I went back to the doctor June 1 to get my cast off and the rest of the stitches out.  Good news is, he’s very pleased at the way it’s healing.  I can rotate my foot/ankle in all directions.  The not-so-good news (for me) is that he put me in a boot that’s really an air cast — very bulky — with three heel wedges.  I can put some weight on the foot but no walking.  Every 5 days I take out a wedge which lowers my heel and brings the foot back to its “normal” position.  He said I can drive (since I brake with my left foot–glad that came in handy for something!!), but it’s going to take some practice since the boot’s so bulky with no give on the ankle.  On June 15, the doctor said he’d have me walking so I took my tennis shoes!  I did indeed walk in them and it felt really good!!  I could walk around the house and office with shoes on but otherwise I had to wear this boot — for 8 more weeks.  He said it’s healing fine but it takes that long for the tendon to regain its strength.  Started physical therapy that afternoon — had already made appointment — and the physical therapist was elated at how well my ankle was.  She said the surgeon had done the “Gold Standard” in terms on a Z incision and progressive wedge reduction in boot.  She said my foot was a +4 degrees whereas most are a -20 degrees!!  I was elated.  However, on June 27, I went out to get my newspaper early (without boot) and stumbled on a spacer in the driveway.  You all know that horrible twinge up the back of my leg.  Ended up in ER.  While it looks like I only had a minor tear of the tendon, I did reinjure this “hole” in my ankle caused from the initial accident laceration which had never healed right.  Have to have more surgery tomorrow to try to fix it without a skin graft. 

My crummy luck

I had an accident Friday, April 30, while walking through a building’s big heavy doors. A gust of wind blew the door closed and it caught the back of my right heel, The door had a metal horizontal brace about 6″ from the borrom and it sliced my ankle and severed my achilles tendon. (Still makes me sick thinking about it!) Building nurses came out and wrapped my ankle while the guard called EMS. They took me to the hospital where they told me the tendon was completely severed. You can only imagine my reaction!! I was lucky that a trauma orthopedic surgeon was there and they got me right into surgery around 3. It was about 2 1/2 hours, and I was in the hospital room by 7 with a cast up to my knee. I can put absolutely NO pressure on my right foot for six weeks and..WORST PART…no driving for 6 weeks. Then much rehab will follow. Am wondering if anyone else has had a severed achilles tendon and how has their recuperation been?

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