was 2 shoes….now sometimes boot :(

well I posted at 5 1/2 months (tear was Mar 08) that I was going back into PT for ultrasound and PT w/ massage.  That did help some.  I had tendonitis in calf where it would burn when I walked around too much.  I would also have aching down around the ankle sometimes.  That did [...]

5 1/2 months, PT restarted, w/ ultrasound, not sure if helping

Hi, I am still having problems since my surgery.  Dr. thinks its tendonitis so I’m back at PT trying some ultrasound and tens unit and they’re working/massaging the tendon/muscle “junction”, I think I said that right. That area will start burning really bad when I walk too much.  I still walk with a limp at times, can’t [...]

Just a thought…………..

Any of you guys every worry about anyone ever running into the back of your heel with a shopping cart or a stroller?  I think about that sometimes and if I think about it too much it really freaks me out.  I can’t imagine if you were at a themepark or something and it was [...]

Not doing too well…….:(

Well hi guys, I haven’t been on in a while.  I was doing pretty good.  At my next to last PT while on the recumbant bike I felt a little pop but not like the pop I felt when I initially tore it on xmas day 2007.  My PT thought maybe it was just scar [...]

7 weeks Post op - NO MORE BOOT!! yay!

Hey yall, just wanted to provide an update, saw ortho today and was released from that hellish boot.  That thing has made me fall several times and one time was on the steps but only fell a couple of steps.  Its so darn big!  I kept trying someone to cut the extra 3″ off the [...]

41 days post op - PT has begun, not too bad yet!

Hi everyone, as I sit here with my foot burning like you know what I thought I should read up on some other posts and also provide an update.
 I’ve had 3 PT sessions to date, the first one they mostly checked ROM and did some massaging.  I had already begun the ROM stretches, alphabet, etc. [...]

33 days post op question

33 days post op.  I called the Dr. yesterday to find out if I HAVE to wear the boot when I walk. THey said yes at all times.  But here’s my thing, if when its off, I do not push off w/ that foot that I just walk slow without bending the foot.  Now I’m [...]

Walking!!! YAY!

Hi everyone, I just had to write a short post. Yesterday, after reading up about putting a heel cushion in the boot, I did so and I was able to walk.  Now I’m not supposed to do this til Monday but I was fine. I did use a cane and still using the scooters when [...]

20 days post op

Well its been 20 days since surgery, I got my staples out on the 17th day and boy did the bottom three staples hurt. I was sitting in a wheelchair and the Dr. squatted down next to me w/ hemostats (I think that’s what he used) and started on the 1st one, the one on [...]

Hello from Cathy J

Hi everyone, mine name is Cathy and had achilles tendon repair, Hagland deformity, and I’m not sure about that part.  I do know that part of the heel bone was taken and a tack was put in to reconnent the tendon.  So right now, Mar 23 I’m on day 6 of 42 of my non [...]