was 2 shoes….now sometimes boot :(

well I posted at 5 1/2 months (tear was Mar 08) that I was going back into PT for ultrasound and PT w/ massage.  That did help some.  I had tendonitis in calf where it would burn when I walked around too much.  I would also have aching down around the ankle sometimes.  That did get somewhat better while in PT.  So after PT stopped I got back on the recumbant bike and kept it at level 2 and stopped when I felt any pain at all which was usually around 30 min.  Still have pain there, not really healed.  This so suxors. THen on THanksgiving I overdid it in the kitchen and noticed heel pain like I had a heel spur.  So I started wearing my shorty boot w/ extra heel cushion.  Then xmas eve I’m in the kitchen and I start having terrible pain down where the tendon was reconnected.  SO on goes the tall boot, yep I keep on cooking, there’s no one else to do it.  stupid me.  Plus, I already take pain meds for my back problems.  Anyway, its a little better but I’m keeping that boot on now for sure.  Staying off of it as much as possible. Have an appt w/ the Dr. Jan 7th.  GOsh I hope I haven’t really hurt it.  DAGGONE IT! Cathy

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