5 1/2 months, PT restarted, w/ ultrasound, not sure if helping

Hi, I am still having problems since my surgery.  Dr. thinks its tendonitis so I’m back at PT trying some ultrasound and tens unit and they’re working/massaging the tendon/muscle “junction”, I think I said that right. That area will start burning really bad when I walk too much.  I still walk with a limp at times, can’t go down steps normally and have lots of pain aroumd the base of the heel and in the ankle and in the calf.  I have fibromyalgia and we think its probably playing into it as well.  I’m allowed to go to the gym and ride the recumbant bike as long as I keep it at a level where it doesn’t produce pain (duh) or cramping in the calf area.  I’ve only had 2 ultrasound treatments to date and I’m not sure if its helping or not because after the second one later on that evening I began having some sharp pains deep in the ankle.  I’m going to talk to the PT when I go back on Wed.  Don’t know what else can be done at this point. 

I need to have back surgery so my PT thinks when I get that done eventually is probably when my achilles will get to heal completely.  I have my mom and my MIL who depend on me for Dr. Appts and stuff that keeps me busy plus my own appts plus my hubby has recently injured his back and now that’s got me running around to appts w/ him.  Seems to never stop.

I just thought I’d stop in an provide an update, seems like my last one was over a month ago.  Hope everyone is healing well, I do stop in from time to time and read up.


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  1. Hi Cathy,

    I can relate to your pain, I had lots of ultrasouns, massage and laser treatment with various comments like it could be tendonitus, heel spur, a form of neuralgia etc. etc. but basically I still have pain in the heel, it is always hot to the touch as well, surgeon told me to stop physio as it was making no difference.

    I have started to take some tablets to try and break-down the scar tissue, will report about these if and when I think they have made a difference, don’t want people rushing out to buy them if they don’t work.

    I cannot have my operations on my knee and other ankle until achilles is strong enough to cope, so just have to grin and bear it.

    Good luck

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