Not doing too well…….:(

Well hi guys, I haven’t been on in a while.  I was doing pretty good.  At my next to last PT while on the recumbant bike I felt a little pop but not like the pop I felt when I initially tore it on xmas day 2007.  My PT thought maybe it was just scar tissue. So anyway, we just kept on with the program.  I had already been released by my Dr. anyway. 

I also had joined American Family and was doing a program there that including a little treadmill and basic machines that protected my back and also guarded my achilles as well.  Well after using the treadmill a couple of times it really made my achilles tender and I knew I couldn’t do a lot of walking around I finally made an appt w/ the surgeon again.  This whole process actually took about a month and a half I guess. 

So I just saw him last week and he seems to think its the scar tissue that has a tear and prescribed me nitroglycerin cream that I apply to the inflammed area for 12 hrs and then wash off and then I go back and see him in a month.  I told him I am NOT HAVING SURGERY AGAIN and he’s like “why, you did so well” and I said its because of the confinement man.  Having to depend on someone else to take care of you and stuff.  Also, we did discuss that I walked w/o the boot some before I was supposed to around the house flat footed (I demonstrated), he rolled his eyes and said well maybe you didn’t do so well and laughed and said no that wouldn’t affect scar tissue honey. 

So, anyway, that’s where I am now.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen.  I’m going to try to research online about different options.  I really don’t want to be cut on. I can’t handle being flat on my back again and I don’t think my husband can deal w/ it either.  Especially now, he has a herniated disc. 

If anyone has any ideas, that would be great.

Thanks, Cathy

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  1. i am very sorry to hear about the tear! i completely understand your frustrations. i am very independent as well, so i can understand not wanting to be off of your leg again. have you discussed being in a cast or boot again in lieu of surgery? if the tear is not complete could there be a chance of it healing on its own? i know that sometimes surgery is not always the answer. perhaps a cast with toes down is the way to go in this situation.

    good luck to you, and keep us updated!

  2. Hi, I have this condition called erthermyalgia, not sure if I even spelled it right. Anywho, basically I have very hot feet so its very difficult for me to wear an inclosed anything during the summer. That is part of my problem. I wish I could put on my camwalker right now and help the problem. I had to have an icemachine sent home from the hospital with the cast and still had to have ice packs underneath! Drove hubby crazy. See why he doesn’t want me to have surgery AGAIN! Thanks for the thoughts though. I’ve been researching today and have been looking at some laser techniques. Looks like I might have “micro tears” in the scar tissue itself. If it gets real bad then they’ll classify it as a partial rupture again. I’m trying to stay away from that. I’m gonna have to start icing again though and also “slowing down” which I don’t know how to do. I’ve got to stop inviting folks over to the pool, going out shopping, except where they have scooters, etc. I can still do the gym as long as its non weight bearing.



  3. Cathy, I hope things turn around for you…hang in there.

  4. Hang in there Cathy. i’m sorry to hear there may be more complications for you. Sending good vibes your way.

  5. Like you Cathy I have been told to keep off my foot because of spurs in the heel, it really is difficult I can imagine your frustration and that of your husband, I hate having to ask anyone to anything for me as I’m usually the one who does for others.

    What about a splint? - my physio thinks that they are very good if you just need a bit of extra support.

    I wish you well and hope your research brings good news for you.


  6. Cathy…

    As long as you can feel the tendon and get plantarflexion (toes point down) you are fine. Hopefully just some adhesions/scar tissue tearing. Watch the inflammation over the next few weeks, slow down on the rehab, massage, and wear some type of brace to help stabilize the area.
    Good luck

    Doc Ross

  7. Hi Cathy,

    What you described sounds very similar to what I’ve gone through for the past week and what Jim has described as well. In fact, I had the similar tear feeling which was different than the rupture, but clearly a tear and quite painful.

    From my experience 3-4 days of minimal activity (I went back on crutches) made a world of difference. I skipped 3 PT appointments as well. I’m in to see the doctor tomorrow, and am hoping to get back to my earlier routine.


  8. Cathy - seems to me Doc Ross advice is good. why not try that for awhile if the tendon is there. the body is an amazing healing machine. You could always have surgery later if you believe it’s appropriate at the time.

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