7 weeks Post op - NO MORE BOOT!! yay!

Hey yall, just wanted to provide an update, saw ortho today and was released from that hellish boot.  That thing has made me fall several times and one time was on the steps but only fell a couple of steps.  Its so darn big!  I kept trying someone to cut the extra 3″ off the end I didn’t need.

 So I’ve got 4 more weeks of PT to strengthen it and he doesn’t even want to see me anymore…wah wah.  I do like him, he did my rotator cuff surgery in 99. 

Its feeling great too, I’ve got FULL ROM now, thanks to those NWB exercises I learned here early on.  Still having some heal pain, kinda like a bad stone bruise that happens at the end of the day.

 Ok, that’s it for now!


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  1. Cathy - another member of the shoe club…I should be with you in the next few weeks. I had the heel pain up until about a week ago (8 weeks or so)…and then it just went away. I think the weightbearing helped loosen up the heel. I also finally got a pair of the green superfeet insoles..they are worth every penny. They have made my boot much more comfortable. Cheers!

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