41 days post op - PT has begun, not too bad yet!

Hi everyone, as I sit here with my foot burning like you know what I thought I should read up on some other posts and also provide an update.

 I’ve had 3 PT sessions to date, the first one they mostly checked ROM and did some massaging.  I had already begun the ROM stretches, alphabet, etc. and she was very surprised at my ROM at the 1st visit. I don’t really have any pain except when I do the windshield wipers and go to the left and its like a cramping under the bone that sticks out on the left of your ankle.  The therapist was able to put her finger on the area and it really helped.  I’ve also started using the red band, she made it long enough so I can use it without bending because of my bad back (DDD, tons of epidurals and shots in the past).  My back has really gotten worse from the camwalker throwing off my gate (like I have one hee hee).

 I’ve been good about wearing the boot.  But that thing sure does get hot especially since we’ve had 80+ degrees here the last several days.

 Well that’s it for now, I think Monday (day 43) is when I can take the boot off some, I’ve got to call and confirm that one.

 Hope everyone is healing well and doesn’t have too much pain, just remember to have lots of patience, its a slow process.  Books and movies are your best friends at this point :).


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  1. Cathy - thanks for the update…looks like you are making great progress. I’m 8 weeks post op tomorrow…have an appt late this week and hope to get a script for some PT. I think the FWB I’ve been doing in the boot has helped alot with my ROM, looking forward to adding some resistance to my ankle exercises to start building back some muscle.

  2. Brendan, wow, they are really waiting to start you in PT, huh?Wonder why?

    Are you allowed to do any stretches w/o the boot when you sitting or lying down?

  3. It has been a very long time since I have been on the board like 5 yrs. my ankle is at 95%. The best thing that worked for me was water pt. I went thru 3 different iterations of pt and the last one included pool therapy and that is what saved me. I just walked heel toe back and forth. I eventually worked up to stretches on the side of the pool. Y’all should try it. Best of luck cathy

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