Walking!!! YAY!

Hi everyone, I just had to write a short post. Yesterday, after reading up about putting a heel cushion in the boot, I did so and I was able to walk.  Now I’m not supposed to do this til Monday but I was fine. I did use a cane and still using the scooters when shopping but it feels so good to be walking upright w/o any other aids. 


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  1. cathyj - good to hear that you are doing better. keep us posted on your progess! Also, patience is the key. ;)

  2. thanks Dennis. It just feels so much better to be able to get out of the house by myself. Its spring and being a girl I’m so in to the plant thing. You don’t think I rushed it too much by walking 5 days early do you? I mean the only issue I’m having is some swelling and with that more pain comes. But I do try to keep it up as much as possible when sitting, I even had it up when I went out to eat, we were in a booth so that was easy.

    Thanks for the kind words.


  3. cathyj - glad that you are elevating your leg. ;) I was very careful about that, and I think it really made a difference. Yes, it’s good to be outside. I went for a walk in the park, and it felt good to sit on the park bench and watch the kids run around and people walk their dogs.

  4. Freedom…
    A few days ahead of time is nothing to worry about. Just go slow, listen to your body, everyone heals at different rates. Physicians always pad recovery timeframes so that when you are walking “earlier” everyones happy.
    Enjoy mobility.
    Doc Ross

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