41 days post op - PT has begun, not too bad yet!

Hi everyone, as I sit here with my foot burning like you know what I thought I should read up on some other posts and also provide an update.
 I’ve had 3 PT sessions to date, the first one they mostly checked ROM and did some massaging.  I had already begun the ROM stretches, alphabet, etc. [...]

33 days post op question

33 days post op.  I called the Dr. yesterday to find out if I HAVE to wear the boot when I walk. THey said yes at all times.  But here’s my thing, if when its off, I do not push off w/ that foot that I just walk slow without bending the foot.  Now I’m [...]

Walking!!! YAY!

Hi everyone, I just had to write a short post. Yesterday, after reading up about putting a heel cushion in the boot, I did so and I was able to walk.  Now I’m not supposed to do this til Monday but I was fine. I did use a cane and still using the scooters when [...]

20 days post op

Well its been 20 days since surgery, I got my staples out on the 17th day and boy did the bottom three staples hurt. I was sitting in a wheelchair and the Dr. squatted down next to me w/ hemostats (I think that’s what he used) and started on the 1st one, the one on [...]