I think that I tore something

It has been 3 months since my surgery and I was walking around a store and something in my foot went pop. And it hurt. I could still walk back to the car, but I was limping. When I got home and took off my shoes, standing on one foot to take off the other sock was excruciating. And the back of my leg by the stitches looks different, relaxed.
Right before this, I almost slipped on a greasy floor at a restaurant, but I caught myself. I called the Doctor, and I go in 1st thing in the morning. I hope it isn’t ruptured!!!

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  1. Hope just some scar tissue breaking up. Best of luck, this injury really bites. Im 2 weeks out of surgery.

    Bart Bingham - September 27th, 2009 at 6:42 pm
  2. I really hope you did not re-rupture it. When I ruptured it the second time the pain was not as intense, but the tendon did not feel hard anymore, and I could not move it much. I am crossing my fingers for you.

    2ndtimer - September 28th, 2009 at 7:21 am
  3. At this stage, I bet you are breaking up some scar tissue and adhesions. The tendon is housed in a sheath that allows it to move freely. The sheath may have been attached to some tissue below the incision and you may have experienced it breaking loose (which is a good thing). I was about the same point in time when I experienced something similar while walking around the block. It was concerning and painful enough for me to go see the surgeon. He told me to take it easy. twenty four hours later, it felt better than ever before. I keep working the area with stretches and massage to keep the process going. If your tendon feels solid and the pain is toward the surface, you may feel better after a day or two. Good idea going to the Doc though.

    chuckv - September 28th, 2009 at 8:29 am
  4. I went to the Doctor today, and good news the Tendon is intact. But I seemed to have injured the connection between the muscle and tendon, either with tears, or microtears, so I need to wear the boot for two weeks. Thanks for all the encouragement. I’ll post an update when something changes.

    cath - September 28th, 2009 at 3:00 pm
  5. I am 2 months post op & had a similar experience…..simple walk across the room & all hell broke loose in my calf; literally. The sensation was like a big ’shudder’ going thru my calf (above my incision). I think it scared me more than anything but it got sore shortly after. I work right next door to my rehab facility so popped in over there for a quick visit. They felt around & had me do some wiggles; looked like achilles was still intact.
    Called surgeon & got right in. Relieved to find out no damage done to achilles. He thought I had either torn some stitches loose or scar tissue had broken loose. That was 7 days ago, I’ve been back in the boot since then but BOY is my upper calf sore!!! Feels kinda like I’m getting over a doozer of a Charlie horse! I swear that my achilles has relaxed just a smidge tho…..not so painfully taut like before. Dr. told me to take week off from rehab. He also said this has set me back 3 weeks in that rehab…bummer.

    Jill in Missouri - October 18th, 2013 at 5:01 pm

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