Big Boot and my laptop

Hey everyone! This is my first blog and I’m sort of curious about this whole process. I have found this page to be extremely helpful in answering my numberous questions. I completely ruptured my right achilles tendon on 1/31/10 and crutched around at school for two weeks. I finally had surgery on 2/12/10 and got my boot on 2/16/10. The first full day after surgery I was in a lot of pain, but it has decreased significantly. I was quite upset in the very beginning because I graduate in May and I had lots of “plans”. I was supposed to go to a concert last Friday in Madison and attend an industrial engineering regional conference this coming weekened. I wanted to play football in the spring, do some turkey hunting, ride my dirt bike, and go backpacking in Europe for a month this summer. It is easy to get upset when something like this happens. It really puts life in perspective because it makes you realize how truely lucky you are. I never really thought about how lucky I am to be able to walk everywhere I go, to be able to roll around when I sleep, to stand in the kitchen and cook dinner without getting tired, and drive my truck. This condition of not walking isn’t fun, but it is tempoary and I have understood this. I think that the most important thing to do is to maintain a positive attitude and let your body heal. I’m sure there will be moments when I get frustrated and I don’t have that positive attitude, but I guess I’ll just have to try and get rid of if and enjoy life.

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  1. It’s just that life reminds us sometimes that you cannot program it. I remember myself complaining or get boring of going out to the grocery store and am now grateful I can walk the way there. Have for sure revised some things in life.
    Hope will all go fine on your healing trip.

  2. Rest rest rest, this too shall pass.

    I’m at almost 5 months and have a bit to go too.

    Hang in there!

  3. Take this time and count your “Blessings”. This is a long and slow road back to recovery, BUT it isn’t forever.

    You, like the rest of us will have good and bad days. You too will learn to be thankful for the more simple things in life and how good it will feel to be able to do them again.

    I tell myself and post it out here to others everyday…

    “Slow and Steady Wins THIS Race”


    Lean on friends and us here on line. You’ll do fine

  4. You’ll get to do all of that stuff and more and you’ll really appreciate it. I know how frustrating it all is. I am 4 1/2 months post-op and today after PT I took my dog for a walk and made it ALL of the way around the park in my neighborhood. I haven’t done that since September. It is beautiful and sunny out, I had my ipod cranked, and it’s a good thing I had sunglasses on because I sobbed. You would have thought I’d won Olympic gold for the feat. Such joy for something so simple. Take it easy, be patient and know you’ll be back and have fun dreaming about all of the great stuff you’re going to do!

  5. I love that story, Kath! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. I am three months post op on my second rupture (other leg first) you WILL walk, run and stand on your tip toes etc. It just takes time.

    I credit my rapid recovery to the vacoped that the doc let me put on after only 3 weeks of a cast. I wanted to forgo the cast but he wisely kept me immobile for those miserable 3 weeks.

    Challenge your physician to allow early movement. Don’t push the weight bearing though as I did on my first rupture which resulted in a re-rupture and subsequent long term casting.

    Look around, sometimes you can find the Vacopeds Achill online like ebay for a reduced amount if cost is a concern.

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