Week 02: Got My Partial Weight Bearing Date (I Hope)

I finally made a call to my Dr.’s office today to ask about which procedure was done. After the surgery, the Dr. told my wife what was done but I know he talks super fast and I was worried that we weren’t clear on what all had happened.

If you can’t tell by now, I research the living crap out of everything I am usually involved in. I love learning, and I love it even more when I fully understand a topic and can made the most educated and economical decision. I think it all goes back to my ENTJ personality type.

When I saw my Dr. for the consults before the surgery he told me we had four options on the surgery. He had told me that the options listed were in the most to least desirable order. He said each of them was easy, but he wanted me to know about each of them. He said he would not be sure which one he would do until he got in there and could see what his options were due to the severity and age of the injury.

They were:

  1. Dermal Allograft - Cadaver tissue is used as a scaffold to reconnect the broken tissues
  2. SpeedBridge - A knotless reconnection system using a multipoint stitch of fibertape to hold the tissues together
  3. FHL Tendon Transfer - This is where they disconnect a tendon from your big toe and relocate it to the back of your heal.
  4. Calf Recession (aka Gastrocnemius Release or Strayer Procedure) - This is where they cut the larger of the two muscles in calf to allow the tendon to become elongated where it can heal.

Though, from what I understand, option 4 was the least desirable to have to do, but was what they needed to go with. The American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society has a well documented FAQ about the process. It seems to be one of the most intrusive processes. I hope the road to recovery is something I can apply myself to speed the healing.

The nurse that I spoke with on the phone said that on Thursday (05/26/2016) I may be able to get the sutures out, depending on how well it has healed up.  From there, I may be able to move to 25% weight bearing with heal lifts in my boot. I hope this means that I will be able to take this cast off and wash my leg. I never had to wear a cast before and I hope never have to do this again. Anyway, I’ve updated my Achilles Profile to include the partial weight bearing date to that date. I have my fingers crossed.

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