Week 02: Still At It

I spoke with my sister, the Physical Therapist, yesterday about the ARP Wave therapy. She was as skeptical as I am. She told me that right now I need to focus on just healing and not doing too much.  I’d like to stay ahead of the game as much as possible by being ready for anything I can do to help this heal as fast as possible.

She did point out to me that when I do finally switch over to my fixed boot that she has had some patients who have complained of back and hip discomfort due to the boot leg making your legs different lengths. She suggested that I look into getting an Evenup Shoe Balancer. I have had problems with my back before, so I’ll be looking to get this when I get out of my cast.

I did take a bit of a tumble while taking a shower yesterday. I didn’t hurt myself, but I slipped and it scared the hell out of me.  I seem to remember people I know having some sort of suction cup based balance handle they put in their shower. I will probably be ordering this: Moen LR2308W Home Care 12-Inch Suction Balance Assist Bath Grip.

Also, my iWalk crutch has been super successful. I did have a pretty long bruise behind my knee because of the strap there. I don’t bruise easily, so I know I needed to get this fixed.  My wife, again being amazing, took an old microfiber dishtowel and fashioned me a slip cover for that part of the crutch. It is hard to see in the picture below, but it makes a HUGE difference. She also put a stitch on both ends so it would not slide around. Those stitches will need to be cut if I need to adjust the strap, but that is a small price to pay to have it stay in place and not bruise my leg.

Slip cover on top strap. Regular strap and cheap pad that came with it below for comparison.

So far, this has really been the only flaw I have found with the crutch. Still totally worth it to have both hands free.

I also found out that I have this cool tracker I can add to my blog. I would love it if I could turn it into a widget.

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  1. I am sceptical of a therapy that asks for money but does not tell you what it does. I don’t think you would benefit from ARP therapy but I am sure they would benefit from your custom.

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