Week 02: First Few Days Back At Work (From Home) & A Little ARP Wave Research

I’ve cut back on the pain pills. It’s nice to have a clear mind. It took some time and I still have some cloudiness from time to time.  I’m really not a fan of those pills even though it was the hardest I had slept since I could remember.

Had my first day back at work (working from home).  The email barrage was to be expected.

I’ve been focusing on eating foods high in protein. After having a conversation with a co-worker who went through a similar issue he told me that his Dr. made it clear to him on the healing process. Tendon don’t heal faster at this stage by pushing yourself.  I guess that makes sense. I’m still going to continue to look for things I can do to help myself heal as quickly as possible.

I did some reading for different physical therapy methods and I came across ARP (Accelerated Recovery Performance) Wave therapy techniques. I’m looking at this as a skeptic because I have not been able to find any hard science behind it other than testimonials.

At about 1:20 through this video it explains that the device is an FDA Authorized device.  It states the following when talking about the ARP Wave system:

A patented, FDA Authorized, soft tissue rehab SYSTEM that can DIAGNOSE the ORIGIN of what is causing soft
tissue pain/injury and ELIMINATE THE SYMPTOM 60-80% FASTER than traditional therapy
Combines Direct Current with a high frequency, double exponential wave form that’s HARMONIOUS to the body
Allowing the doctor to locate scar tissue/neurological disconnect WITHOUT impedance of fatty tissue or causing harm to patient.

So basically they run DC current through your body to identify where you might have a short in your nerve circuitry without having to cut you open.  I’m not 100% clear on what they mean by a DC current that is “HARMONIOUS to the body” either.

They go on to say that the ARC Wave System, unlike “Electric Stimulation, Laser, Ultra Sound, Graston, physical therapy, etc cannot diagnose and ELIMINATE SYMPTOM permanently“.

at about 1:50 they further explain that the system uses DC current “in our wave form”:

The ARP Wave System System is able to treat the patient with ACTIVE movement, breaking down scar tissue, allowing for muscles to LENGTHEN and more importantly eliminating compensation patterns that helped caused the issue in the first place

My interpretation of this is they use physical therapy to break down scar tissue. The “allowing muscles to lengthen” is common for all scar tissue removal as explained in this video at about .

So once the scar tissue is identified it is then removed using physical activities that help break it down.

Other optional ways to break down and remove scar tissue seem to be massage and surgery.  So I’m guessing that the exercises you do will help break down those scars. While this sounds like it might be legitimate, I’m still not 100% clear how a doctor can learn to identify where scar tissue exists by using electrical current.  So I researched a little more and came across this video where someone won free treatment and they were recorded going through the process.

Again, the skeptic in me arises, as there some tricks you can do that can cause you to have similar sensations of weakness, lack of feeling, or mistakes in understanding what you are feeling. Part of the reason I feel that way is because of how the guy in the video tends to remind me of someone who is selling something to make you feel better (AKA Snake Oil Salesman). Also, they are promoting their therapy and not really breaking down the science.

Because the device is “FDA Authorized” I knew could look up what they submitted to the FDA before they were allowed to use or sell the devices in the US. After some snooping on the FDA website I was able to find the two devices made by Arp Manufacturing, Inc. There is the ARP POV SPORT and the ARP RX100. It looks like the SPORT is used more like a traditional electrical stimulation device for strengthening muscles. It is the RX100 that is used for “Muscle Re-Education”.

I am not fully against this technology, but I would certainly like to see the scientific evidence and any studies on how this process actually works. How is a doctor or therapist trained on how to identify the short circuits in your nervous system.

I will be reaching out to my sister who is a Physical Therapist to see what she thinks, but I would love some input from anyone else out there.

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