Day 3: 72+ Hours After Surgery

My first night was by far the worst. The pain after 10PM was growing until I was able to take another pain pill.  The 2nd day was painful, but I kept the pain meds going semi regular. I only skipped one.

Today I’ve only taken one pain pill and I only have occasional spikes or waves of pain, but not enough to warrant taking another pill… yet.  It’s bizarre because it only happens once or twice an hour.  I’ve been consistent with my antibiotic, stool softener, and baby aspirin.

The reason I would like to cut back on my pain pills is for multiple reasons.

  1. I don’t like how it makes me groggy and sleepy
  2. I’m not super worried, but I don’t want to run the risk of addiction
  3. It slows down my gut (hence the stool softener)
  4. I want to have a few ounces (roughly 6oz) of my homebrew beer, and its not a good idea to mix

I’ll certainly take them if I need them due to pain, but for now I think I’m okay.

As far as food, my wife has been awesome by making sure I’m eating high protein foods. I believe it will give my body what it needs to heal. I did have a few cups of coffee today. I can usually drink a whole pot black by myself. I did not have any coffee yesterday, and that could have contributed to my slow gut. I don’t want to talk about it too much, but it is a concern and I don’t want it to make me feel worse than I already do.

I am a little disappointed that I did not get my order from Amazon of Curad Cast Protectors.  Amazon said they were delivered, but we never saw them in the mail.  It’s pretty rare for Amazon to mess up for us, so I’m willing to bet it was the USPS that made a mistake. I was able to get a refund for the item, but I’m a little concerned, because I do want to take a shower soon.  My wife said she could pick some up for me on her way back from heading over to a nearby city to go see some friends. I took a long hot shower on the day of my surgery. Also, I’ve not done anything strenuous nor have I been really hot, so I’m still somewhat clean.  I do plan on taking a shower tomorrow though, even if I have to use a trash bag.

Since I haven’t been taking many pain meds I haven’t been as loopy. I’ve been able to try out my iWalk crutch. At first I didn’t latch the back strap that goes across the calf because I was worried about pain of putting pressure on the long cut up the back of my leg.  I tried it out, and it did not hurt, so I started wearing the crutch and was able to walk around carefully around the house. I even was able to go up and down the stairs in my house.  I think my wife would kill me if she knew, but I took my time and rested multiple times if I was feeling any sense of tiredness. I love the scooter, but this crutch will really give me the freedom to use both of my hands.  It enables me to get coffee, carry my laptop, or whatever I need. I’ve even gotten to where I can sit on my couch with my leg propped up without even taking it off. I will keep wearing it and trying different things and report it here.  I’m not getting paid or compensated for this information, so please take it as an honest account for how amazing this crutch is for giving you the freedom you will want.

Picture of me laying on the couch with my leg propped up wearing my iWalk. The towel is still there because my cast was wet when I got home. I didn’t realize it was going to be that kind of cast.

Here is a picture of my wearing the iWalk crutch before surgery. I wanted to learn how to move around in it before hand. My left leg was still at 10% strength, so that was why I was wearing the boot.

One thing to note, and I think I already said this, but going to the bathroom standing up is SO much easier with this crutch.

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