4th wk into boot

Returned to the Doc for my 2nd visit at the end of the 4th week. He removed the cast and stitches no problems. I’m now in a boot w/ a 1/2 in. heel lift. Not at 90 degrees, but I will make it. AT very tight, but that is to be expected. The 5th week PWB with crutches. The 6th week is FWB with cane. He also said when I return for my next visit to bring my other shoe with me! I thought he was conservative in his approach?
I”ve never been in a situation like this before. Finding this site has made me feel like I’m not in this alone. Just to read other post helps in the mental part of the recover process. Good luck to all, one step at a time, we will make it.

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  1. Hi there Carron
    You sound in a very similar situation stage to me.
    Just back from seeing my Specialist. Just over 2 weeks since my op ( but 4 weeks today since I ruptured). Had the stitches trimmed back and being put in a 3 wedge boot tomorrow. :-)
    Have you gradually got to take out or adjust your foot angle then ? I was surprised but delighted when he wanted me in a boot after just 2 weeks since the op..!
    Did you make any case for going any quicker or were they set in what they would do…?

    Good luck with how you get on and keep me in touch with how you go….fear of weight bearing is my biggest worry.

  2. Hey Carron,

    Just checking in - I had bookmarked your page since we had surgery on the same day and was curious about how things are going to this point.

    Hope progress is steady!

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