15 Weeks a little scare but all good!!!

Hi Guys,

Just a quick update on progress I have started walking up to 16mins three times a day and cycling for 10mins three times a day along with quite alot of stretching of the tendon which has made quite a difference and I’m glad I only really started to put major pressure on the tendon in the last week (by the way normofthenorth I read all your blog and have found it brilliant and agree with waiting for major stretching although I know that doesn’t suit everybody my body was telling me it wasn’t ready and over the years i have learned follow your instinct). There has been major improvements even though my foot isn’t anywhere near perfect it is progressing. I have also started collecting and dropping kids to school it’s only a two minute drive but it feels like I am regaining control of my life - would love to be walking there 10 mins normally but it’s uphill, downhill and up quite a big hill to the main gates of school which you would be doing back aswell and carrying a not so light school bag along with a 3 year old tagging along who tends to run everywhere but where you would like him to go, so thats for the future (goal for new year)

On the little scare was going out the back garden this morn and I didn’t lift my foot high enough to step over the rim and the back door and my bad foot got caught and I fell out the back landed on good foot but seem to have twisted bad food and a pain shot through tendon to say my heart nearly exploded is an understatment but when I sat down and took a few deep breaths and got up to walk again all seems good, in physio tonight so will tell Laura and get her to double check (Oh yea driving myself for the first time to and from physio tonight super excited at the prospect oh the little joys!)

Also going to head shopping by myself tomorrow so that’s a major one I may only last an hour but who cares meant to be Christmas shopping but seriously thinking of buying myself a new pair of shoes he he he will not be informing the other half on that one!!!

One last thing that has brought a bit of joy this week my new runners that I got when this happened well they are both dirty now - I know weird the things that make you happy but having one dirty and one clean shoe when I got back to two shoes kind of broke my heart, so folks the light is getting brighter day by day happy healing everyone xxx


ATR in Ireland - Are we still a backward nation which this injury Part 2

While I have a few mins free said I’d jump on and finish my story - I spent 8 weeks in various casts trying to get my foot to 90 degrees it didn’t work eventually after the eighth week hosp decided to put me into air cast / walking boot (hated it by the way so heavy) because there was no muscles left in leg or bum cheek ( nobody mentions that bit lol) and told to keep on for three weeks and off to hosp physio who said a wedge in the boot would sort me out and I would be grand (5 wedges later) and given a few exercises for moving foot around was sent packing. Not a happy bunny lots of unanswered questions and when queried with physio why such a conservative approach I got the ususal they new best and I’d see her in three weeks aswell, so decided to go and find my own private PT in the mean time and see what there take was on the whole situation.

God send happened with a woman called Laura my new PT she has answered all my questions, reassured me and just listened which I think thats what I really needed and she agreed very conservative approach so gave me a letter to bring to hosp for next visit and said she would just start massaging tendon to try and get foot moving as she was quite worried as to why foot was not at 90 degrees yet.

So three weeks passed and back at hosp they removed air cast and said two shoes and PWB and you are now discharged and off to PT, so pulled out letter doc said he has no problem with private PT do whatever I have to do to get mobile just don’t rerupture as foot still not quite at 90 degrees (private PT had made me remove wedges and was now down to one doc really impressed so had the biggest grin going into hosp PT)

That grin soon wiped off my face not happy I had removed wedges and freaked when I mentioned private PT so I explained that I thaught three weeks was a long time between sessions and I have two kids at home that need me back on my feet her attitude was so what (so have decided to keep with private PT and not mention them again said to doc when we got back out and he told me the PT in hosp where are rare breed and do what I had to and listen to my body) anyway she put me into two shoes with three wedges????? I had one in air cast why three in runner but she was the expert!!! and put air cast on in public and when I got next PT session with hosp 5 - 6 weeks they would see about moving me to one crutch (left hosp deflated) When I got home took a wedge out a bit like a petulant child and flung it in the corner that would show her!!!

Two weeks later back to my own PT (she was on holidays Cyprus wasn’t jealous at all) and she was right lets really get going one wedge in runner and one crutch now - said had been kind of experimenting in the house but wasn’t sure if I was doing it right as ankles soooo tight and foot not moving as it should be so lots of home physio, as I and her included wreckon the foot was immobile for so long 11 weeks altogether did more harm than good.

It will be 14 weeks this Saturday and still not full ROM I cant do that thing where you put your foot at the bottom of the wall and bend knee towards wall such any easy movement on good leg which really worries me back in PT on thursday and really going to discuss that one with Laura. I know three weeks out of air cast not that long and considering when it came off I could barely move my foot it probably looks like its doing great but that single movement of bending your knee without your heel coming off the ground really is needed to help you walk properly and it hinders me greatly.
I get out every day but can really only do about 10mins at a time and then I get pain, not in tendon but in ankles because this movement has not come in foot - anyone else experience this??? it doesn’t cause a limp but my walk is far from right.

Must say don’t have much of a limp but I am confident putting weight through leg I also started driving at the weekend and picked my youngest up from creche today for the first time his face when he saw me was priceless and that has been the best moment so far in this recovery I was floating for the day after. I am also cleaning my own house now I sacked my mam coudn’t have her traipsing down the motor way anymore twice a week after she had completed and 8 hr day in her own job, and back cooking dinners thank god as couldn’t take husbands cooking anymore - I did loose a few pounds so thats another good thing.

But all in all it has been a good couple of weeks since in two shoes rerupture is always in the back of my mind hoping that will eventually go and getting the foot moving first thing in the morning takes alot of work and the full ROM been so bad does worry me alot but hoping over time it will get better - oh yea I have noticed tendon has gotten a little thinner so good and scar not too bad do put a bandage on every day as runner rubs my chemist loves me at €1.35 a pop thats alot but don’t care at moment.

Still waiting on my next PT session with hosp - imagine if I was relying solely on them how far behind I would be I really think the medical profession in this country needs to be revamped but hey thats a battle even our government can’t win.

Anyway I’m up to date future posts will not be as long and if you are Irish enjoy the last bank holiday weekend of the year and have a super halloween

ATR in Ireland - Are we still a backward nation with this injury?

Hi All,
First of all I must say that without this website I would have cracked altogether over the last 13.5 weeks so a Big Thank You to all involved with this website.

I should really start from the beginning I had a full rupture of my left achilles tendon 13.5 weeks ago a Saturday afternoon, I had just shipped the kids off with my husband up to their nana’s for the night as we where heading out with friends to start our Summer Holidays in style (meant to be heading to Ibiza the following Friday). Anyway as I was walking (yes walking)back through the kitchen I heard the loud pop that everyone talks about and looked around to see what had hit the back of my leg thaught the clock had come off the wall but nothing, got myself to the chair and had thaught with the noise it was a break tried putting foot to floor and nothing it just wouldn’t go flat so rang husband and said I’ve broken my leg and his exact answer was “fuck off I just left you two minutes ago” and he hung up so thats when the panic set in I was in the house on my own and something was seriously wrong. So started trying neighbours as knew I had to get to hospital (and don’t get me wrong I ain’t one for sitting in A&E in Ireland you coulde be left there for 12 Hours or more) eventually got someone as it was a saturday afternoon not many people around so and rachel & stephan arrived over instantly stephan said you have ruptured your AT - I had never even heard of that so asked what it was and when he said it usually requires surgery the blood drained from my body.
So up to the out of hours doctor as I said avoid a&e at all costs and he confirmed full rupture thats when it hit me - the tears just came like a river all I could think about was my holiday and having to tell the kids little did I know what was to follow. So Doc said he would strap it up with a tempory cast and off to Tallaght Hosp - hubbie had arrived at this stage and was all apologies he genuinely thaught I had just sprained my ankle.

So off we went and I cried the whole way (it was the thaughts of been in A&E on a Saturday for hours and then on a trolly in some corridor having only ever been in Hosp having kids I was scared out of my wits.) So Hubby dropped me at door so he could get parking and I hobbled in on cruthes and to my utter astonishment the waiting room was empty (thaught I’d entered the twilight zone) by the time he got back I had been seen by tri-age (where they assess injury and decide how far down the que they would like to put you) so back to waiting room and called within an hour the sheer joy thaught I’d be in my own bed that night.

So doc on duty once again confirmed rupture and said you may or may not need surgery but would have to wait for ortho surgeon to come down and he was in theatre - but he sent one of his gillies (as i decided to call him you know the ones that asses the situation but can’t make a decision) and yet again the Thompson Test carried out and he told me I would have to stay in over night and that Mr. Morris whose team I was now under would have a meeting with me in the morn and then decide the best course of action so once I mentioned insurance miracle of miracles a vacant bed appeared and with something of guinness world record fame I had a private room by midnight on the same day. (That’s all anyone talks about - wow how come you where seen so fast and you got a bed unheard of in Ireland)

Now the crap started the next morning after little or no sleep nurse arrives in and says they are waiting for me in theatre I was like WHAT? wheres this meeting that was meant to take place I want to see the doctor and she said but they are waiting for you in theatre and I said no I want to see doc I have to ring my husband I want to talk to my kids. So a few minutes later in comes doc wanting to know what the hell is going on so explained what had been said the night before as now dealing with a different guy and his attitude oh my god you need surgery do you realise how serious this injury is it will be up to two years before you walk again (yes he said that) you haven’t time for ringing husbands and kids and you won’t be going on any holiday and that was it I just crumpled and sobed like a baby - to which the reply was ok go on your holiday but you will crawl back in here in two weeks and beg me to operate so whats it to be you are holding up the running of a major hospital so in tears I signed the consent form and off I went.

Woke in recovery felt ok leg had a soft cast with splint in it which was to be on for two weeks before hard cast and first movement of foot towards neutral so that’s when the questions started why did this happen, what exactly is your achilles tendon ( not sporty at all and don’t watch sports although did do some cycling and would walk 10K maybe five times a week) what is recovery period and what involved? Didn’t really get any answers all they wanted was to send me home.

So with the boredom at home and really needing answers I came accross this website and couldn’t believe how this injury is treated so differently the world over and how alot of people seemed to make fast recoveries and each time I was back at hospital I would quote alot of information I had learned but I was never listened to the docs knew best and that was the end of it, but thank you, you all gave me a life line.

I spent 8 weeks in cast in total and then three weeks in walking boot with guilt eating at every core in my body having to get your three and six year old to help you and crawling around on your hands and knees to use the bathroom in the middle of the night does not do much for the dignity. Also how much you have to rely on other people and take help when its offered every Tom, Dick & Harry have been raising my kids over the last few months and then you realise who are real friends and who are not was quite surprised by the people who I thaught would help and they didn’t the odd text and thats it and when they offer help and you say yes please, nothing heard from them again or you get the same text a week or two later seeing how you are and offering again but you know it’s just talk and makes them feel better that they think they are doing something. So if it wasn’t for my family, Neighbours and few close friends you are kind off screwed with this injury for the first few months not only have you lost the use of your leg but your hands are gone with the crutches aswell to say it’s a learning curve is an under statement body wise and mentally you take a blow and even though I was quite down at times and been honest it has tested my marraige as I don’t make any type of paitent there is a light appearing slowly at first but getting brighter ever day at the end of a very long tunnel.

Well I think I have bored everyone enough for now so I’ll come back in a day or two and finish the story from the time I got my walking boot apologies for all spelling mistakes and thanks for reading all feedback is appreciated

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