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This Sucks!

Sooooo it was a beautiful Tuesday in July 2012, the 24th to be exact. My birthday to top it off!

A friend of mine took me out for shopping and lunch while hubby stayed home and supervised new flooring being installed on the main floor of our condo. It is beautiful! Then we were out to dinner and home again to start putting the house back together. My son, 18 year old avid long-boarder, asked me if I’d like to go out in the parking lot and skate .. it was 9.30pm and still light out and nice and warm. I was doing awesome! (this is my first year boarding). Anyways, I was going along at a slow pace and a little hill was coming up so I put my left foot down to push and …… I was in a heap on the pavement and it felt like someone had kicked me and I felt intense pain. I yelled for my son .. he didn’t hear me .. I got up … hobbled around the corner and waved him down .. told him to go and get Dad and he said, “you can walk Mom” *lol* yeah right. Anyways, a long hobble back to the house and in the lazy boy and crying and ice and ibuprofen and …. well, it didn’t feel right .. so off to the ER we went :) Hours later, I had an x-ray and a cast put on and I was sent on my way.

Crappy nights and days ahead. Sunday, July 29th the pain was getting worse and the cast was getting looser and looser. Tuesday, July 31, couldn’t take it anymore .. back to the ER … 6 hours later, back home with a new cast that felt wonderful!

Two blissful days and then my first appointment at the Cast Clinic with the specialist. No x-rays, no ultrasound, no MRI .. just a few pokes and squeezes and an air cast.

Protocol … 2 weeks with 3 heel lifts, 2 weeks with 2 heel lifts, 2 weeks with 2 heel lifts and then back for another appointment and PT will be scheduled then.

I will say I’m very glad to be going the non-operative route. They did give me a choice but said that they don’t do surgery these days unless the patient insists. I’m not insisting *lol* I really don’t want all those complications and I don’t want to go back to the beginning after healing for 10 days already ;-)

The only thing that I’m not liking is waiting for another 6 weeks to start any PT. What are some things I can start doing now and in the weeks to come? The nurse only said that I could wiggle my toes and move my ankle very slightly. Oh and I am PWB now .. where as I was NWB for the first 10 days.

Anyways … here’s crossing all my fingers and half my toes that this recovery goes well and I’m back to long-boarding, biking, walking, hiking, swimming, running and everything else in no time :)

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