19.5 weeks post-op: in search of the single calf raise

I guess I’ve been plugging along normally for some time now, but since I can’t do a single calf raise (I’m not counting the 1 mm raise for 1 ms), I cannot go for a run and I am missing the endorphins and the ability to eat with impunity.  The single calf raise is really [...]

13.5 weeks post-op: becoming almost normal

It’s been 3.5 weeks since my last post, it seems that once we begin to return to normal and are not obsessing over our tendons we forget about this wonderful institution, achillesblog.com.  I have a new PT who is a heck of a nice guy, he used to be a trainer for a professional football [...]

10 weeks post-op with the $64,000 question(s)

I’m just back from my doc and got a “keep doing what you’re doing” recommendation. He gave me clearance to start FULL activities in 2 more weeks, keeping in mind my calf will still be weak. He wants to see me a final time in 5 weeks at week 15 where he will bid me [...]

9 weeks post-op: walking and stationary bike

I’m just back from my 3rd physio visit, she was happy that my dorsiflextion stretch had not increased, and wants me to continue to ‘not stretch’ for another two weeks until my next visit. Apparently I am unusually pliable and she doesn’t want me to overstretch things. I had the obligatory 15 [...]

8 weeks post-op: two shoes, heel, toe, push

I had visit #2 with my PT yesterday. My dorsiflexion stretch had gone from zero to 2/3 of the stretch of the good leg in one week, apparently this has happened too fast and I am not to stretch for the next little while. I am to start strengthening my calf muscle instead. [...]

7 weeks post-op and meet the PT

I was told today that I’ll first be working on increased ROM (range of motion), and when I can bend my right knee within 2 cm of how far my left knee now bends when my foot is flat on the ground, I will begin strengthening.  I have no idea how long this will take. [...]

the best laid plans of mice and men

A quick note after getting a bit enthusiastic after my last post, I’m at 6.5 weeks post-op. I don’t think that my plan of working up to walking a couple of hours in the boot every day is going to work out. After my successful 20-minute walk the first day of no crutches [...]


I’m just back from my 6 weeks (plus a couple days) post-op visit with my orthopedic surgeon. He performed the Thompson test and was very pleased with the result. He suggested I should start PT, his prescription says “assess and treat”. He doesn’t want me to use the crutches at all, I [...]

6 weeks post-op

I’m 6 weeks post-op and have been reading these blogs from time to time, they certainly have been very helpful in dealing with my mental anguish. Thanks to Dennis for setting this up and to everyone who has told their stories.
On April 6, 2015 I tore my right Achilles tendon while starting to move [...]

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