10 weeks post-op with the $64,000 question(s)

I’m just back from my doc and got a “keep doing what you’re doing” recommendation. He gave me clearance to start FULL activities in 2 more weeks, keeping in mind my calf will still be weak. He wants to see me a final time in 5 weeks at week 15 where he will bid me adieu.

I have a little bump on my achilles which is just above the top of my running shoe so it isn’t a rubbing problem, I haven’t tried my hiking boots yet. He thought the bump was some swelling due to the sutures and it would go away, I hope he’s right. Otherwise when I poke around the area it feels a little numb, like the effect of freezing which is not quite worn off.

I’m feeling a bit philosophical today, trying to understand answers to these questions:
1) op vs. non-op:
I asked my doc about this, and he’s seen good and bad results with each. I asked him what to do if I ruptured the other one, and he suggested I could try non-op and send him a report once it healed comparing the two recoveries, funny guy. I think it can be summed up fairly simply, “if you can make it through 1 year without a re-rupture, they are comparable, the chance of re-rupture with non-op is higher so be extra careful”. Both techniques require vigilance on the part of the injured party, do your physio religiously, and I’m not talking about sitting on your butt hooked up to the placebo machine, it is about hard work on a daily basis, as your body permits of course.
2) why do some people heal faster than others:
Going over these many blogs there is quite a variance in recovery time which is confusing. All that the doctor could tell me is that smokers and diabetics are at a disadvantage when they go the surgery route. If anyone knows of a study on this (different recovery rates) please post a reference to it on my blog.

I’m walking 1.5 hours every second day as fast as I can (still limping), and walking about 45 minutes plus 40 minutes low tension cycling the other days.

I can do an assisted calf raise using my fingers on a counter, and can hold it in the up position but notice I am cheating a bit (leaning over on the good side).  I have a long way to go in this department.

If you’re early on, 0 - 4 weeks, you’re healing and take it easy. Enjoy that first shower when the cast is off and tell your partner that you love her/him. Your caregiver is key to your existence on this earth!  4-6 weeks with partial weight bearing is a big improvement as hands are so handy for doing things other than holding onto crutches, ditching the boot at night at 6 weeks requires a celebration, and weaning from the boot at 8 weeks is wonderful.

Keep up the great work everyone!

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  1. Great post. I am at 4 weeks and am basking in the glow of “I can carry stuff again”, and taking my first excursions around the house with one crutch and dabbling with nearly FWB. After a month on crutches this is a huge milestone. Thanks for giving me a glimpse at what is around the corner, and best of luck with the rest of your recovery!

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