9 weeks post-op: walking and stationary bike

I’m just back from my 3rd physio visit, she was happy that my dorsiflextion stretch had not increased, and wants me to continue to ‘not stretch’ for another two weeks until my next visit. Apparently I am unusually pliable and she doesn’t want me to overstretch things. I had the obligatory 15 minutes on the placebo machine. She introduced inversion/eversion exercises with an elastic band. I’ve been on a stationary bike for the last week every two days, working up to 2 sets of 14 minutes on fairly low tension, burning about 170 Watts or so. I checked the gauge of a buddy of mine and he was burning about 270 Watts, so think I’m doing OK for now. I’m working towards 2 sets of 20 minutes by next week with the same tension. I have also been walking 1.5 hours per day at a good pace. I’m doing some assisted toe raises in a corner in the kitchen, the calf is still very weak but making progress. I noticed on another blog someone standing on one foot (the injured one), it was very tricky for more than a few seconds but this is also improving with practice. Who has time for a job? Next week I see my OS for my 10-week appt, who predicted he would give me the go-ahead for golf at 12 weeks. Fingers crossed, keep walking, cycling, etc, the prize is in site. Good luck to everyone out there, keep at it!

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  1. Congrats on your progress! On Thursday I’ll be 10 weeks post-op and I’m beginning to worry a little bit about progress. My doc is fairly conservative–and I trust her completely–sterling credentials at a great hospital.

    But while i’m able to bear full weight without a problem, I still have significant pain in my Achilles when I push off in my boot. I don’t know if this is normal or not. I’ve been walking without crutches for a few weeks, but I still really feel ever step in my achilles. I’m curious if others do too.

    I also had percutaneous surgery and I’m not sure how many others had it here as well. I wonder if recovery times differ b/w types of surgery. I feel like I’m behind the majority of my “cohort” many of whom are walking in shoes.

  2. responding to fauxgordeaux, I had the open type of surgery. Every step I take I have to consciously ‘push’ off with my toe because my calf is weak, but I don’t really have any pain, it is just weak. It’s like relearning how to walk, I notice what my good foot does with each step and I try and copy it.

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