7 weeks post-op and meet the PT

I was told today that I’ll first be working on increased ROM (range of motion), and when I can bend my right knee within 2 cm of how far my left knee now bends when my foot is flat on the ground, I will begin strengthening.  I have no idea how long this will take.   She told me I would not tear it by stretching, and no calf raises right now as this is a strengthening exercise.

I am to:

- raise my injured foot high in the air twice a day for 20 minutes to reduce swelling.  Swelling apparently slows down the healing process.
- two different achilles/calf stretches she showed me at least 5 times a day to increase range of motion
- walking with boot off to build strength, short steps with both feet with emphasis on symmetry and heal-toe. I am noticing that my injured heel stays on the ground when I walk but my good heel lifts off the ground, oscillot’s post weighs heavily on my mind and I will keep it that way for now, as the raised heel is really a mini calf raise.

I’m wandering around in bare feet in the house and strapping on the boot when I go outside for now.  I’ll probably venture outside with some runners on for a 10 minute shuffle up and down the street tomorrow.

One other interesting comment she made was the unlikelihood of tearing the Achilles in the same place, as it is about twice as thick there and always will be it is stronger after it knits.  Another tear would be above or below the existing one.

I hope everyone’s recovery is going well, there are a lot of great stories to read!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I am 12 weeks post-op and was surprised when my surgeon and my PT told me that my achilles would always be very large at the repair site. Your sharing that your PT said it is now stronger at the repair is comforting to me in my recovery.

    I am on a slower timeline, just went to two shoes yesterday, so you sound like you are doing well! Keep up the good work, and happy healing!

  2. Sounds like stretching will become your part time job. I will have to live vicariously through you; I was supposed to start PT tomorrow but they called and cancelled because the PT will be out. They don’t have any openings for two weeks!

  3. Good to hear about your PT exercises. Stretching 5 times a day is going to keep you busy!

    Can you explain exactly what you mean by the knee bend that you need to achieve before moving on to strengthening exercises?

  4. for kiwibug, the PT put a piece of paper on the edge of my left big toe and I squatted down as far as I could, keeping my left foot flat on the floor. She measured on the paper how far in front of my big toe my knee got to on the left (good) leg. She wants the right knee to get within 2 cm of that before strength training begins.

  5. Thank you for the description, it makes sense now. Do you have any idea how close you are to that goal at the moment?

  6. for kiwibug, I just put on a new post and the instruction for dorsiflextion to within 2 cm of my good leg has been scrapped in favor of strengthening, in fact I have a cease and desist order from my PT after my stretch has gone from 0 to 2/3 of the good leg in one week, apparently this was too fast. It seems a bit random to me but I will do as I’m told.

  7. Thanks for the update. Obviously you did a really good job on the stretching!

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