the best laid plans of mice and men

A quick note after getting a bit enthusiastic after my last post, I’m at 6.5 weeks post-op. I don’t think that my plan of working up to walking a couple of hours in the boot every day is going to work out. After my successful 20-minute walk the first day of no crutches and AirCast I decided to walk home from downtown, normally doable in about 45 minutes. At 30 minutes my right groin was starting to get pretty sore so I sent out the SOS call to “she who looks after me”, who arrived shortly thereafter and only gave me a minor blast before letting me into the car and driving me the rest of the way home. At least I still have the bus ticket. In the house I am shuffling around sans boot, and feel like the creature from the Black Lagoon as I slide my bad foot down the hallway. Patience grasshopper.

At night my injured leg is quite a bit more swollen than it was pre-FWB.  In the morning the swelling has gone down a lot, this seems to be a common theme from the blogs I have read.  I haven’t tried a compression stocking.

I meet my PT tomorrow, after reading oscillot’s latest post I think if she asks me to attempt a calf raise I will suggest that she kiss my ……

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  1. Haha, it’s her JOB to give you a hard time!

    Remember, fear can be healthy, but it can also be irrational. I think the key to recovery is finding the right balance.

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