I’m just back from my 6 weeks (plus a couple days) post-op visit with my orthopedic surgeon. He performed the Thompson test and was very pleased with the result. He suggested I should start PT, his prescription says “assess and treat”. He doesn’t want me to use the crutches at all, I had been using a single crutch this week when I was out and about. He suggested I start walking, so when I got back home I took a 20 minute stroll through the neighborhood, boot on of course. It felt great! One small miscue, I took a step off of a curb and landed with my right knee locked (hyperextended) when by boot hit the pavement, no harm done luckily, I have to stay focused and keep that knee bent a bit.
He wants me to slowly wean myself from the boot over the next two weeks, I was quite surprised by this. I asked about swimming, deep water running and cycling and he said start that at 8 weeks, and to go easy, cycle on the flats or gentle hills in a low gear.
I tried several short steps in my two bare feet across the kitchen floor later at home, toe pointed outwards as he suggested which reduces the stretching on the Achilles. It worked!
He said I should wake up in the morning and be ready to get back at it, if I don’t feel good I have overdone it the previous day. I’m hoping I can work myself up to a 2-hour walk around 9 holes this Sunday afternoon, although that may be a bit ambitious.
I wanted to take a 3-day trip in a car, and he said maybe in another four weeks. If I went today he would want me to stop the car at every 30 minutes to walk around. This is to avoid problems with blood clotting apparently, so I will be good and stay home.
I can finally lose the boot at night, sweet.
I am to see him in 4 weeks, at the end of week 10. He expects to see me with a big smile then, getting pumped up for week 12. He also cautioned that my next 2 weeks have the greatest chance of re-rupture, so BE CAREFUL!
No golfing with the boot on, but he said I could start golfing at 12 weeks when the boot is off. Another pleasant surprise. I still may sneak in a few half wedge shots in the interim, boot on, but mum’s the word. :-)

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