Oi! My Aching Feet!

Week 7&8 Post Op

These last two weeks have been most monumental for me. I got to ditch the wheelchair at my 6 week post-op check and didn’t even use the crutches. Walking in two aircasts is like walking in ski boots. The novelty of that however wore off fairly quickly though. My feet scream at me within just a few minutes of walking. It’s not my tendon that hurts, it’s the bottom of my heals. I suppose it is because I haven’t used them for six weeks and also the fact that all my weight is on them too since I can’t put any weight on the balls of my feet. The day after my checkup Kevin took me to Palm Springs to escape the snow and ice. I had to use the chair for the journey through the airport however since I couldn’t stand or walk for long. We spent a week in the land of warmth and sunshine and I practiced walking in the pool and a couple of motion exercises since technically I wasn’t to start Physio for two weeks yet. I tried to go shopping and was sadly disappointed that my aching feet actually took all the fun out of it! By the end of the week, I began walking (well I guess it was more like a shuffle) in the house without the boots. I was hoping that my feet wouldn’t hurt as much but it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing they just hurt. Sadly the week ended and we had to come home where I am more or less held hostage indoors. I haven’t dared venture outside too much this past week however we went to a Xmas party and I wore two shoes! According to my Dr. I was to drop the boots the day before but to be cautious when venturing outside. This week I can start Physio and I can’t wait. My friend the Physio is going to drop by and let me know what exercises I can start doing. I’ll do anything that is going to help the pain. The weather was nice outside today and I walked to the school to pick up the kids. It sure felt good to get outside.

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  1. Wow really well done, I can’t believe how quickly your progressing. I know it prob doesn’t feel like it but you’re doing so well. Hope the physio continues to progress you and that your c=back on your feet without the pain soon. The heel pain is something I think lots of us with just one AT get but can’t imagine what it must be like with 2. Take care and carry on healing :)

  2. Yup, pain under the heel(s) seems to come with FWB and 2-shoes, and sometimes fades only gradually. One trick from my PT that helped many of us is to sit barefoot, feet on floor and thighs horizontal, and roll your heel around on a ball. My PT said a golf ball, but he’s a macho man. Others use tennis balls. You’re just trying to work out some “knots” under your heel.

    The discomfort and sensitivity and pain are probably related to Plantar Fasciitis = Heel Spur, which can become a real chronic pain, so don’t just “work through” it.

    The other thing that many of us found helpful was REALLY squishy shoes, or carpets, or footbeds. I was one of the big crowd who could walk best in Crocs. And even maybe a month or so after 2-shoes was fine in Crocs, walking barefoot in a wooden floor (or God Forbid stepping on a little telephone cord!) was unpleasant. This too shall pass.

    You might benefit from a cane, esp. when in 2 shoes. Pitching forward is a hazard to your AT, and without a “good foot” to catch you, the risk is probably higher. Canes are also useful to warn away trippers and bumpers etc.

  3. So pleased you’re on your feet so quickly . My physio explained that the AT is attached to muscle/ tendon underneath the heel, and that if the AT is tight, then this will pull under the heel. I think most of us cope by favouring the good leg when standing, but you haven’t got that luxury so I reckon it must be harder for you.
    I don’t know whether you can get them in Canada, but I bought a pair of Clark’s Active Air shoes to go to work in. They have a wide back, an elasticated strap, arch support, and most importantly, very well cushioned heels which have made a real difference, I think they do boots as well. They’re not exactly pretty but they do the job.
    Keep going!

  4. I am really pleased to see how well you are progressing. Wonderful that you got away for a nice week. Does wonders for sanity. So glad you are able to get around on your own now. You will be through this in no time and indeed, it will be a memory and great story (which, no one will believe!!!). I look forward to hearing about your physio, since one so often has to lean on a non-injured leg.
    Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!!

  5. Wondering how you are progressing? You wrote to me in November I think. I tore my right one on Oct 10. I am nearly 100%, walking without limp and can run in last couple weeks. Able to do some heel raises, but still a bit of progess to make, though finishing up PT very soon.

    I would love to hear how things are going for you. I do think about you often!

    take Care,

  6. Hi Pamela, I am doing very well considering a few hiccups with my rehab over the past 2 months which have kept me from doing any physio. I am able to do heel raises with both feet but sadly not on one foot on either leg. I still have pain in the plantar area and I think it will stay with me and I will always need to wear Birkenstocks in the house and good shoes with orthotics outside. Good-bye flip-flops. Despite the setback, I can walk, almost run, and drive!

    It’s good to hear that you are almost there and that our Achilles Tendon Injuries will be just a memory!

    Take Care,


  7. Hi Cheryl,

    I have done the same as you …. seems almost exactly. After 4 years of neglecting staying in shape and conditioned I decided to play tennis and had both my Achilles snap in close succession, man I was hoping it was just my calves cramping.

    I am at 4 weeks post op, but it seems I have had a slightly more aggressive program as I was told to weight bare in the aircasts immediately after getting the stitches out, 2 weeks ago. I was able to quickly ditch the crutches and use a cane if I go outside. I have no real pain , but am very careful not to extend or use my calf muscles. I have another 17 days before I will be flat footed in the boots ( plantigrade ) and from what the doc said I will be able to start getting out of the boots then …. that I am soooo scared about and have no idea what to expect …. I can’t imagine having the guts to try walking without boots after 7 weeks of no conditioning down there. I would be very interested in getting some details on your experience. You also commented that you had some set backs … I want to avoid setbacks … :O)

    Appreciate your time. btw I have identical pictures of the incisions and I also called them frankenscars


  8. Mike, OMG! I suppose you get that alot when people discover that it wasn’t really elective surgery to remove bunions. I have to say, I am envious of you to be able to weight bear so early. I am sure you will not have the setbacks that I encountered as I was confined to a wheelchair for so long (6 weeks) and unable to plant my feet. Today, I still have the heel pain, though it is not as intense. I discovered crocs work well for awhile, but Birkenstocks and my new orthotics are the best. I am never without these. I slip them on in the morning and slip out of them when I crawl into bed. I also have a pair of Naots (not so Birkish looking but the same idea). I have to say, when the boots first came off, it was a little daunting but I soon got over that. I remember being amazed that I didn’t fall flat on my face when I stood up for the first time! I also found that I always looked down at my feet as I walked to make sure there was nothing that was going to make me slip or trip over. My physio helped me overcome that. He had me walk slowly on the treadmill with my eyes closed while holding on for balance. I cringe at possibly having to go through it again so my only advice to you is to go slow and take it easy. Also, I never got to formal physio (other life events intervened) so make sure you go. I still cannot do heel raises on one foot. Good luck to you and please stay in touch and let me know how you are getting on. I am more than happy to compare notes!


  9. yes … it feels all surreal to me still …. 1 would be horrible … both is just unbelievable.

    I am glad things are better for you, though am sorry the physio didn’t work out. I was in a wheelchair for the first 2 weeks … I can’t imagine 6 weeks. I still have the wheelchair, but for exercise reasons mostly and getting out. I so cannot wait to start physio but am scared also … the tendons feel so tight … like a piece of steel for each tendon … LOL. Did you ever keep one boot on and alternate? how long before you could drive ? how long till you could walk without limping ? lol … I have many questions …. and I find the doctors never have any time to answer anything ….

    my email is mlaro@sympatico.ca if that is easier

    thanks again!


  10. Hey Cheryl,

    I tried to reply to your email, not sure you received it. I’m just over 4 weeks now and I have to say things feel really good. When did you start taking the boots off and doing light stretching and even sleeping without boots? I was told to sleep with boots … argh ! When were you able to get back into any sort of sports?

    I think your blog is amazing … thank you for sharing. I should really start one.


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