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Jun 03 2013

Boot off today! Now What?

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A bit late to this blogging bit due to being side-tracked by loads of American television shows I’ve missed over the past 5 years.  However, after 8 weeks in the boot due to non-operative surgery, freedom feels great, given the return of warmer weather.  Despite the free healthcare in Copenhagen, it would still be great to have a bit more instruction.  I was sent home with a pamphlet with instructions on toe-pointing to bide my time as I await for physical therapy.  Due to inactivity for 8 weeks, my additional complication is the tightening or shortening of the tendons in my knee, which makes attempted walking without the crutches to be challenging.  Anyone who might have a suggestion on what to do about the knee and returning to normal gait would be greatly appreciated.

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Apr 30 2013

Knit One Purl Two

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So, tired of crossword puzzles, and can only see so much on internet television and Netflix.  Decided to invade my knitting stash that I haven’t breathed on for ages and dig up all of those patterns I saved over the years during the time when I was too pre-occupied with writing my thesis and journal articles.  Since being bound to the chair, I have knitted pieces for a fair isle vest (Louisa Harding), a cable sweater, a hat, and most of an angora short sleeve top.  The hardest part is putting all of the pieces together and sewing them up, because I like to press all of my pieces before I sew them together.  I’ll save that for when I can stand on two feet.

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