Apr 13 2013

It was only dodgeball!

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I’m an instructor, and I teach epidemiology and nutrition for a small teaching college in Copenhagen


As our institute has an interest in fun and fitness, I decided to volunteer as a player in the yearly dodgeball tournament.

Although I am sure the students were looking forward to clocking their instructors, like all responsible events, it began with a warmup.  Although I consider myself active, as I usually bike to work on a daily basis (Copenhagen is famous for its bicycle paths) and practice yoga regularly, the warm-up exercises pre-tournament were movements that I don’t normally do on a daily basis.  Usually stretching of my Achilles involves a vertical stretch, but these warm-ups consisted of a horizontal motion by scissoring of my legs across the floor.  In addition, I didn’t have the best shoes on my feet, just a pair of leather low Keds type shoes, the kind one may wear running errands.  I was playing dogeball after all ;).

So the familiar feeling of being kicked in the back of the ankle, and a strange feeling of the floor being uneven, as if I was wearing a high heel shoe.  And so now the real high heel shoe is mine to wear for the next 8 weeks.

3 Responses to “It was only dodgeball!”

  1. kellygirlon 03 Jun 2013 at 12:18 pm

    This injury surprises many of us. I thought with daily yoga and moderate exercise I was in pretty good shape. Oh well!

  2. paulmarinon 03 Jun 2013 at 2:44 pm

    I also tore mine playing dodgeball on May 18th, 2013. It was a fund-raiser for art, music and sports programs for the school district. “Dodgeball Margarita Party”: I’m 45 and ride a mountain bike to stay active…I also stretched out before the match, wore good running shoes and felt loose and good. I played about four matches, and was having a great time! then the fifth match bam, my right Achilles popped (It was loud enough to hear, like someone popping a bubble gum). I knew exactly what happened, because I tore the left one 17 years earlier. Good news is we should all have a full recovery. Bad news is it just takes time. - Paul from Marin County (California)

  3. camson 06 Jun 2013 at 3:01 pm

    Good to hear someone else ran into dodgeball trouble. My younger brother was rolling on the floor in laughter, but he does not realize these things sneak up on you. He is still new to his 40s, not that I feel old at all, but these little things happen to let you know someone is keeping track of time. I would have liked to have the margaritas though, as an extra incentive.

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