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Apr 30 2013

Knit One Purl Two

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So, tired of crossword puzzles, and can only see so much on internet television and Netflix.  Decided to invade my knitting stash that I haven’t breathed on for ages and dig up all of those patterns I saved over the years during the time when I was too pre-occupied with writing my thesis and journal articles.  Since being bound to the chair, I have knitted pieces for a fair isle vest (Louisa Harding), a cable sweater, a hat, and most of an angora short sleeve top.  The hardest part is putting all of the pieces together and sewing them up, because I like to press all of my pieces before I sew them together.  I’ll save that for when I can stand on two feet.

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Apr 13 2013

It was only dodgeball!

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I’m an instructor, and I teach epidemiology and nutrition for a small teaching college in Copenhagen


As our institute has an interest in fun and fitness, I decided to volunteer as a player in the yearly dodgeball tournament.

Although I am sure the students were looking forward to clocking their instructors, like all responsible events, it began with a warmup.  Although I consider myself active, as I usually bike to work on a daily basis (Copenhagen is famous for its bicycle paths) and practice yoga regularly, the warm-up exercises pre-tournament were movements that I don’t normally do on a daily basis.  Usually stretching of my Achilles involves a vertical stretch, but these warm-ups consisted of a horizontal motion by scissoring of my legs across the floor.  In addition, I didn’t have the best shoes on my feet, just a pair of leather low Keds type shoes, the kind one may wear running errands.  I was playing dogeball after all ;).

So the familiar feeling of being kicked in the back of the ankle, and a strange feeling of the floor being uneven, as if I was wearing a high heel shoe.  And so now the real high heel shoe is mine to wear for the next 8 weeks.

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