No good news today…

It was too much to ask that this injury be simple. The MRI came back and there was no good news in it. The nurse read it to me over the phone and it was a jumble of bad medical terms: “tear, degeneritive, severe, additional tears possible”. My mind coundn’t keep up with the report. Needless to say, the surgery is on for fri at 1:30 p.m.

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  1. Good Luck, and I hope you have a “speedy” recovery.

  2. Keep positive, it takes time but you will learn to adapt to your situation quicker than you thought possible.

    When you get home, remember, most important…. rest and elevate ….

    Good luck on Friday

  3. The good news is, now you know. The bad news is, now you know. Sorry to hear you have to have surgery guessing how active you are, this will definitely be a challenge. You, your family and all medical staff involved will be in our prayers. Tam & Fam

  4. Dude, that is good news. You know you will have surgery and you know from being on this site what to expect. Most importantly, attitude is everything. You are a competitor, still on the court. And you will return.
    Those words on your MRI. No biggy. They apply to most of us. Compelling medical research out there that states flat out that almost all tears occur in a degenerative tendon. And you are now among a large and growing group of degenerates.
    Honestly, I was at my worst just two days before surgery. But I climbed out of it quickly and 2 days postop I was reveling in how I would use this sidetrack to work on other things. There is hope (darn, that is almost a cliche now :-)
    I am telling you to embrace this time and learn more about what your body can say to you and how wonderful it is that it will heal.
    Thanks to Dennis for providing this forum where we can all hang out and support each other.

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