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This what I get for hurting myself during the weekend. My ortho surgeon of choice informed me today that he doesn’t do surgeries “below the ankle”. However, he highly recommended his partner Dr. Halsted. Unfortunately for me he was in surgery all day so I have an an appointment tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. I can manage the pain and discomfort with my holdover Vicotin but the time that has elapsed is worrying me some. I’m now a full 72 hours since the injury. I’ve tried my best to ice and elevate but I’m now getting some alarming swelling and bruising. Mostly to to outside of my lower ankle area. It’s so swollen there I can no longer see the ankle proper. Odd..because the pain is localized in the area about 4-5 inches above the heel. When the Vicotin begins to wear off that area become a hotbed of feelings (burning and painful). While I don’t look forward to the pain and suffering  of  the surgery I do want to move forward in the healing. This treading water deal isn’t doing a thing for me.

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  1. The achilles isn’t below the ankle. That is a strange comment from a doctor.

  2. True…I thought that was odd too. But I’m not going to try and talk him into a surgery he doesn’t want to do. So I let it go..

  3. Hi,

    Swelling happens, so don’t be too worried about that. I’m a big fan of compression to keep swelling down, because you can do a lot more with compression tubes or socks or a wrap on your leg than you can with your leg in the air. I also like to use a little homemade pillow under the compression, to squeeze the swelling out of those little hollows between the tendon and the ankle bones. For me, everything just feels much better down there when the swelling is squeezed out.

    Bruising often shows up a couple of days later, and gravity pulls it downward, just like it pulls the swelling downward. For what it’s worth, what you’re describing doesn’t sound alarming to me.

    If you want something fancier, there are these boots you can get that are attached by a hose to a little cooler. You fill the cooler with ice and water, put on the boot, and then hold the cooler above the boot so the ice water runs into the boot. It ices and compresses at the same time. Feels good, too. I had one for a sprained ankle once, and it was great.

    I had my surgery five days after my injury, and things are going fine. It’s nice to have a shorter interval, but I wouldn’t agonize over it, as much as I understand your impatience.

    Best wishes,


  4. I’m obviously too long-winded. On the main page, my posts end up with “…” at the end.

  5. God Bless you dear, if you are not sure of doctors results you can always get a recheck for the same.

  6. I feel for you! Waiting sucks. I had to wait 2 days for surgery, and the whole time I kept thinking of those days as lost time. 2 days of being disabled, gone down the drain with atrophy as your only benefit! I hope the best for you and that you can get that thing sliced open ASAP and start moving forward in your recovery instead of backwards! Don’t give up and go to a different hospital if you need to.

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