My story in a nutshell: I’m a very active 42 yeal old male. I’m a three time Ironman triathlon finisher. Up until friday I was training for a 24 bicycle race in Grand Rapids, MI in June. My accident happened while playing for an adult indoor soccer team last fri night. I’m a goalkeeper (a pretty decent one as I played that position in high school and college). Of all of the things a keeper does, my injury occured while I wasn’t doing anything particularly strenuous. I had gathered a loose ball and was propelling myself forward in order to clear a few players and put the ball back in play. I was pushing off with my left foot when I felt someone step viciously on the back of my lower left leg. I went down in a heap of incredible pain. But also anger that someone would be so out of control and dangerous. Except there was no one there. My tendon just gave out on it’s own in a micro second explosion. I was finally able to get up but I immediately¬†felt something terribly wrong. The foot was flopping a bit on it’s own…as if it was disconnected from my leg. I hobbled to my car and went home. I iced it and had my neighbor doc come over yesterday to confirm, via the Thompson Test, that it was indeed a rupture. He made me a splint out of casting material which helped a lot. Now I’m just in a holding pattern waiting to see my ortho doc (he scoped my knee last year after I fell on a icy road and tore cartiledge) on mon. I had a whole bottle of Vicodin left over from that operation (not very painful) so that has saved the day in terms of immediate pain management. More later….

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