30 days….

I have a nice purple cast to my knee. I chose the color because it’s the color of my daughters soccer team. Anyway…no surgery and the both sports ortho docs at the South Bend Clinic recommended to me that this heal without surgery. They did offer a couple of places for a third opinion (Sports [...]


Bombshell from my ortho Doc…upon further MRI review I don’t have a ruptured Achilles tendon afterall. I have a torn Soleus calf muscle. Apparently pretty rare. And non operative (muscles don’t take to sutures apparently). So I’m going in tomorrow for a cast and see how things play from here…..Thanks for everyone’s well wishes.

No good news today…

It was too much to ask that this injury be simple. The MRI came back and there was no good news in it. The nurse read it to me over the phone and it was a jumble of bad medical terms: “tear, degeneritive, severe, additional tears possible”. My mind coundn’t keep up with the report. [...]

Moving slowly forward..but then again…

Well I finally met with my ortho surgeon this morning. He took off my makeshift splint/wrap and checked out the goods. I had swollen up some more since the previous evening and more purple showed up. Even my pinky toe was purple (blood runs downhill he said). Everything appears to indicate a rupture in need [...]

Still waiting…

This what I get for hurting myself during the weekend. My ortho surgeon of choice informed me today that he doesn’t do surgeries “below the ankle”.¬†However, he¬†highly recommended his partner Dr. Halsted. Unfortunately for me he was in surgery all day so I have an an appointment tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. I can manage the [...]

My story in a nutshell: I’m a very active 42 yeal old male. I’m a three time Ironman triathlon finisher. Up until friday I was training for a 24 bicycle race in Grand Rapids, MI in June. My accident happened while playing for an adult indoor soccer team last fri night. I’m a goalkeeper (a [...]